New OPN1 ITE aids



My audiologist and I have an ongoing dialog about receiver output volume. I always want it down by 2-3 clicks and she insists my sound booth results and the Genie 2 software argue it should be higher. I understand her message—I still prefer it less loud.


I have to say this is day four for me having my new Oticon OPN1 hearing aids, they are ITE half shell. I have not been able the hear this good in many years. I have the TV connect and the connect clip and I have not really needed their help like I did with my Oticon Duals, or Oticon Alta Pros. They fit wonderful with no issues or discomfort to my ears. They sound so natural, and I have found the streaming of music from my iPhone or iPad to be a wonderful change. It is so great to hear it in stereo instead of mono. I am not saying they will work for everyone just that are so great for me.


I can already tell that my hearing aids are going to eat up batteries very fast. I am going to be lucky to get three or four days out of a pair of batteries


312s? or10s???


312 and I have severe hearing loss


Yeah, I think that’s pretty much to be expected. I remember you were hoping that you would get 13s. Not sure how often those happen in ITEs.


You can specify that on their order form on both the full shell and half shell.


Well the VA is supplying my batteries as well as my aids so I will just make sure I have enough batteries with me at all times.


I have to say that I have noticed that I am not as stressed or brain tired at the end of the day since wearing my new OPN1s. The only disappointment I have found is that the battery life isn’t very good, but what do I expect from hearing aids that are fully connected.


CV, I’m on day 3 with my OPNs and I find that I also hear quite naturally and I don’t feel stressed at the end of the day. I’m sitting in a noisy Mickey D’s with the tv playing, people talking, radio playing, machines running and the door opening and closing. All this noise and it sounds very natural with these aids! The sounds are omni directional and the sound separation is fantastic. The Audi has the gain set at 40% of the target amplification and I now can understand my wife, no more WHATs! I think I’m getting use to all the amplified noise as I don’t notice all the pops, bangs, scrapes and hissing sounds that I heard on day one. So, in two weeks the gain will be increased.


Although it seems as if it omnidirectional, it really isn’t. However you still hear everything although the sounds are balanced out (what you called sound separation).

Wow, 40% of the prescribed gain in week 1. I never know what it should be to start out with but I’m surprised that it’s that low. If I had had to guess, I would have guessed 60 or 70% in week one. But as long as it works for you, that’s all that matters.

Don’t forget that if you think you’ve graduated to the next level sooner, you can always increase the volume a notch or two to accelerate the acclimatization if you want.


Setting in our church’s sanctuary using my hearing aids’ default program and not having any issues with hearing others and understanding conversations. The entertainment tonight was the big band style of Christmas music and I have to say it was great. I kept my hearing aids in the default program and turned the volume down a notch. I am more amazed by these aids all the time.


Not sure what to think, I put new batteries in yesterday morning when I got up and they showed 60% for my left and 30% for my right aid as soon as I checked. It stayed that way all day. I wore them for about 14 hours. When I went to bed I opened the battery doors like normal and used the dryer due to being out in the rain last evening. This morning my left battery is show 90% and my right battery is showing 60%. I don’t know what to make if this.


I think it’s an indicator of what many of us have learned–battery indicators aren’t worth much with zinc air batteries–the voltage drop is too flat. Your meter is way more precise than it’s accuracy warrants.


My aids don’t have the tcoils and I was afraid I would have trouble without them but last night st our church for the big band concert proved to me I may be okay without them


The OPN aids (RIC/ITC/ITE) that use the 312 batteries are spec’ed to get 60 hours of battery life. My OPN1 RICs are getting 60-62 hours before the chimes of death; for me, this equates to 3 or 4 days of normal use. I have not seen much impact of streaming on battery life. I normally use the Power One batteries from the VA.


I am noticing that my right hearing aid is almost showing low battery percentage. To test this I switched the batteries around and the battery percentage stays with the hearing aid instead of with the batteries. Now I know that my right hearing aid has to work a little harder because the right ear is a little worse than the left. But it shouldn’t be 30 percent worse.


I am so happy that the streaming works so great, I am not having the connection issues that I had with the streamer pro. I press the tv connect and my aids and the TV connect make a connection and it stays connected. I have had a couple of times that the connection has been broken due to a text or phone call. And I love the easy of streaming music from the iPhone or iPad. And I can also use the connect clip to stream from my Mac.
I also am so happy and surprised about how great these aids sound. My only disappointment is the landline phone connect doesn’t work with the connect clip.


Everyone seems to get a turn at the battery life roulette wheel. Most (at least me) ultimately decide the dog barks and learn to ignore it. The only advice I think is worth anything is to let the batteries “wake up” for a few minutes before putting a load on them. I ignored this early on thinking that air obviously reached the zinc air battery while in the hearing aid. But that ignores the load aspect. Valid? Beats me. Probably at least as valid as storing the batteries inside a sock in the lowest dresser drawer.


I have always given them a minute to breathe, but my Audi told me to give them 5 minutes and I am trying that with the batteries that I am using at this time