New OPN1 ITE aids


I was able to hear the TV at my wife’s volume level and feel it was too loud. Also everything sounds so much more natural

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Most likely this receiver is better than the old one. I doubt that the digital circuitry can make things sound much different. It’d either work or it won’t.

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The volume is much better and the sound is so much more natural. And what a difference in the battery percentage, haven’t had enough time to see if battery life is better



What a difference in battery life along with a world of difference in what I am hearing. My hearing is balanced again and I am even finding at times that I have to turn the volume down. I am also finding that I am hearing the TV much better and even asking my wife why the TV is so loud. It seems that the right hearing aid was not only causing the battery to drain faster for that aid but also for the left aid too someway. Streaming sound much better and I am not having any issues with connectivity even with the ON app

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Super useful. Thank you.

Trying out OPN S 1’s upgrading from OPN 1.

I also struggle understanding speech in the car at highway speeds. Just went to the Audi and had “Speech in Noise” program added replacing the “Lecture” program (which was useless) and had “Simple Noise Reduction” maxed out. I also had the DSL5 program added with default settings. Hoping for better results in the car. Otherwise I just use the General VAC+ program for all situations.

Will report back.
Thanks again.

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I am really happy that your HAs are working so well for you.

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Had a scare with my right hearing aid yesterday evening. I could no longer hear any sound out of it not even streaming. The battery was good, and not even changing the wax guard helped. I also decided to clean the vent and that didn’t help at first. But after a couple more opening and closing the battery door it started working again. Still don’t understand what happen but it is working great this morning. It did get a night in the drier last night.

On another note, the battery life really has improved even with the power ones. I am on day 5 with these batteries and well over 50 hours of use and I still have 40 percent of my batteries left



Have an appointment this Thursday for a few minor adjustments. I need to boost soft voices, and hopefully a little more speech in noise improvement. And I would like the music, and nature program removed. And if the default can bet improved to take care of soft speech and also the speech in noise then I would like the lecture program removed. I am so close at this time of not needing any changes except the use of the TV streaming.



After you get all of the programs you mentioned removed, will you have any left? I just started trialing the OPN1-S HAs and my HCP recommended no programs. She felt that the processing sophistication of the current generation of HAs makes the need for programming moot. Not sure what I think of that, though in my 6+ years wearing the Alta Pros, I rarely used any of the programs. Are there any programs for your OPN1s that you think are important?



I am hoping to only need the default program and the tv streaming program. I am not needing any other program than the default most the time. But I do need the tv streamer, and at times in very noisy places I do have issues with understanding conversations.



I haven’t been able to tell the difference between my default program and the nature program, and the music program is for live music and not streaming music so is don’t need it either. The lecture program is the same as the default program but with directional front facing mics only, which does help a little in restaurants. But it caused me to miss conversations when at meets at the restaurants. I know my aids don’t have the noise filters set to max and I hope they can be set to max without killing the sounds I want to hear



I have got a pair of hearing aid bone conduction sunglasses with a good experience.

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Just left the clinic, a few minor changes. Soft speech increase, removed the three extra programs, added a comfort program with everything turned down as low as possible, I will use this for riding my scooter. Also increased speech in noise and set my right aid up a notch. And he said he changed the transition time that the default program uses to change settings.
I will spend some time seeing how it goes



Went to VA yesterday and had just about the same adjustments. Do not need the comfort program though. Also said no to the streaming device and remote–default program and volume control take care of just about everything I need. Really happy with the OPN 1’s.

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The only reason I have the comfort program is when out riding my scooter, my helmet will turn my volume controls if I move my head and the helmet moves any on my head.

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This morning I heard a cardinal that was outside our kitchen window and I was in the living room and it sounded like it was setting on my shoulder. I am so happy with these aids I am hearing so much more details than I have in years.



I know there was no firmware or software changes made to my hearing aids, but since the fitting changes yesterday my battery percentage readings are totally different and it seems as of now that my aids aren’t using as much battery power as before. Only time will tell if this is true.



The comfort program my Audi setup for me to use when wearing my helmet and riding my scooter works great. Just enough sound so I hear what is around me, but not loud enough to hurt, and is the volume control does get turned the volume can’t be raised that much



Went out to my sister’s home yesterday to visit and see two of my nephews toddlers the house was busy and loud with the babies screaming and the adults all talking at once but I didn’t have any issues understanding what was being said. I didn’t have to make any adjustments to my hearing aids it was as if I had normal hearing. I did not get tired from all of the noise and talking and I never stressed to understand what was said.



Just got home from Easter Service at Church, it was a wonderful service and for the very first time I was able to fully understand what was said without even thinking about my hearing aids. No volume adjustments, no stressing to understand what was being said, and no stress understanding the choir and following the songs.

Also I even lowered the volume on the car radio because it seemed to loud while on the way to church, and coming home it really sounded good at the previous volume level.
I believe at least until my hearing changes again I have gotten my aids to that sweet spot.