New OPN1 ITE aids



I have to agree with you but just could not understand the difference for Sunday to today. Sunday morning I installed fresh Power One Batteries and to be honest I have been having issues with them not lasting but about half as long as they should, The use by date is in 2022, the same as the Rayovacs that I am using today. And if I stream any with the Power Ones then I get about 20-30 hours at best total usage out of them. The Rayovacs I am getting 55-70 hours out of them with about 3 hours a day streaming. I have also tried Duracell batteries with the same use by dates and they are no better than the Power Ones.


By the way, @cvkemp, if you’ve decided that you only need the default P1 program and want to remove the other built-in ones like Lecture or Speech in Noise or Comfort or Music, etc, I would recommend that next time you go see your VA audi, you may want to replace those programs with the various standard fitting rationales instead. So the default P1 is based on the Oticon proprietary VAC + rationale. You may want to program P2 to have NAL-NL1, P3 to have NAL-NL2, P3 to have DSL-v5a, Adult.

This way, you can try out and compare the Oticon VAC+ default fitting rationale against the other non-Oticon standard ones to see which ones you like better. I’ve done so for my case just now and at initial glance, I still seem to prefer the Oticon VAC+ better. But the DSL-v5a, Adult one and the NAL-NL1 one seem to sound quite different than the VAC+, so I’m going to keep them around and try them out when I have difficulty with speech to see if those 2 fitting rationales can help me better than the VAC+ or not.

To me, that’s a better use of the OPN programs than using the built-in programs like Lecture, Comfort, Speech in Noise, etc, that sounds not that much different than the Default P1 program in the first place.

By the way, the NAL-NL2 rationale seems very soft for my taste compared to NAL-NL1 or DSL Adult, so I opted to keep my built-in Music program around and not replace it with the NAL-NL2 rationale.

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I know you do DIY with your aids will you let me know if you see any updates to the aids are connect clip


Yeah sure. I just got the Genie 2 2019.2 version downloaded which has the OPN S models addition. The OPN is still at version 6, the TV Adapter 3.0 is still at 2.1.1, and the Connect Clip is still at 1.31.


Interesting my connect clip shows to be 1.1


Is there any way to tell Firmware Version the TV adapter is on without connecting it to Genie? We have to rely on your kindness to know when there are updates - Thank you!


Good question and my Audi said that when my aids are updated then reconnect to the TV connect they update my TV connect, I am wondering if that is correct also.


That would make life too simple for us!:grinning:


Sorry I made a typo. The ConnectClip version is 1.13, not 1.31.

When I got my ConnectClip, it also shows 1.1. But I think that’s just a name they gave it. When I tried to verify through the Oticon firmware updater, it actually shows 1.13 on the software. So I think yours should be good.


I don’t think this is true. That’s because I’ve updated my OPNs through 2 firmware updates already, but both times my TV Adapter 3.0 was never updated by the OPNs automatically. I’ve had to manually update my TV Adapter to 2.1.1 through the Oticon Firmware Updater program.

The only thing that happens between the OPNs and the TV Adapter is that they pair with each other initially, then the TV Adapter streams to the OPNs, both done wirelessly.

The firmware update on Oticon devices always requires a hardwired connection so the firmware data can transfer from the laptop’s Oticon Firmware Updater app to the TV Adapter. It’d be hard to believe that the OPNs would be designed to contain firmware data inside itself to propagate wirelessly to the TV Adapter.


Also, my initial impression is that VAC+ is still my preferred rationale. But NAL-NL1 and DSL Adult has more aggressive amplification on the mid and high end. So I want to try them out in noisy situation to see if they are better for speech understanding or not.


I am having an issue every now and then, my hearing aids will go crazy with the volume maxing out and I have to reboot the hearing aids sometimes more than once.

Note not sure but I may be hitting the volume controls when putting my aids in and or bumping the volume turning my head at times. This morning they went crazy when I put them in my ears


Sounds like perhaps the volume button is intermittently sticky or something like that.


@Volusiano, Can you post a link to the ConnectClip 1.13 software update, or does it have to be done through Genie 2? I don’t see any way for patients to install ConnectClip updates themselves via the Oticon Web site (or maybe one of the AuDs on the forum can post a software update link).There’s no way to know when Oticon releases software updates unless you go to your AuD’s office and ask during hearing aid adjustments.Thanks.


There’s no official way for patients to update those firmwares themselves. But you can go to this link Oticon hearing aids | Rediscover the sounds of your life and download the Genie 2 2018.2 software. Then run the Oticon Firmware Update app that comes with installation. Simply connect your ConnectClip via USb to your computer, and it’ll tell you whether you have an older version and need to update or not. Same thing with the TV Adapter.

The 2019.2 release is available on the Oticon UK website, but I and a few other folks could not download it successfully due to bad connection from their UK website for some reason. I only got the 2019.1 from pvc (a forum member here) who was able to download it from the UK site successfully for some reason. But I don’t see any new version for the ConnectClip or TV Adapter between the 2018.2 and the 2019.1 version.


Thanks, @Volusiano! You knowledge and help are much appreciated. :slight_smile:


Any way to tell if there is an update for zpower charger with the Genie you have? TIA


The Genie 2 Oticon Firmware Updater doesn’t seem to include ZPower. It only includes the hearing aids, TV Adapter and ConnectClip.

But you can just download the ZPower firmware updater here in this link There’s a link in there for the instruction as well. After the installation, simply connect your ZPower charger to the PC via the USB port and run the firmware updater app. If your charger is not up to date yet, it’ll tell you and install the firmware on your charger.

There’s no notification of when there is a newer version of the ZPower firmware updater. I guess you just have to go on their link from time to time to check for a new version if you want.


Good information thank you


FYI, I tried the DSL-v5a Adult rationale today when riding in a car, sitting in the front passenger seat and holding a conversation with a female person sitting behind me. Normally with the VAC+, it’s a little bit of a challenge to concentrate on her voice. With the DSL-v5a Adult rationale this time, her voice seems easier/clearer to understand to me.

Don’t get me wrong, I still prefer the Oticon VAC+ fitting rationale over DSL Adult and all the other ones overall. However, once in a while, if I find myself in a more challenging situation to hold a conversation (like today in the car), I think it’s handy to have the other fitting rationales to try out to see if any of them is better just for that particular situation.

One thing I note is that with my left ear’s hearing loss not being as bad as with my right ear, while the VAC+ rationale gives a balanced perception overall, all of the other rationales gives a bigger amplification boost to my left ear compared to the VAC+, causing my binaural perception to become unbalanced.