New OPN1 ITE aids



Just left the VA Audiology clinic with my new aids. First impression is that they sound so much better than my Alta Pros. I have two programs: the default and a lecture program. I also have the connect clip and the TV connect and also the phone connect. I am a little disappointed that I didn’t get the size 13 batteries. My aids I guess are concerned to be half shell but are very close to what I would concern full shell. While driving I can hear the radio at the same level as what my wife likes. And now setting in the waiting room at the car service center and I can hear the TV at the level my wife is comfortable with and also hear conversations out in the hallway. We will be leaving here and going to Lowe’s then to Texas Roadhouse to eat so I will be putting them to the test. I will up date as I have something to add.
I have to add they are really comfortable as far as the molds are concerned. Also the vent is much smaller than I have had in the past.
Also my hearing hasn’t changed in the last two years which is a great thing.


Setting in the restaurant and I can hear my wife in front of me. And was able to talk to my wife while driving and wit the Christmas music playing on the radio. So great almost feel like I use to when I had good hearing. I can also understand others at other tables. I almost feel like I am spying on some of the others.


Connectivity to TV connect connected really fast, and sounds great.

Also I can now hear the TV at the same volume that my wife finds to be comfortable


Do you have the “made for iPhone version” ?


Yes the OPN1s are made for iPhone, as of the 5th of November Oticon has the ITC(in the ear canal), and the ITE(in the ear) hearing aids with full connectivity.


Up early and setting in a quiet living room and just listening to things that I haven’t been hearing. The heater blower has up to now been so quiet that I could not hear it. The refrigerator the same thing. There is a breeze this morning and I can hear the wind chimes that are in the tree in the front yard when I set by the front picture window. And I can hear the clicking of the on screen keyboard of this IPad. My pet Dusty is laying in my lap and I can hear her breathing. And so many other sounds that I am not sure where they are coming from. I am finding the house isn’t as silent at I believed it was.


Listening to the 1812 Overture, and it sounds great to me. I haven’t listened to any music in years to not liking the way it sounded to me. I can see I am going to be eating up batteries


Congrats! I think you’re the first user on this forum with the ITE version of the OPN.

Is there a reason you didn’t go for the mini-RITE?


I have had one set of BTE Rite aids and they didn’t work out for me. I am too active and also ride a motorcycle, will really a Vespa Scooter, motorcycle helmets and BTE aids just don’t play nicely. I also hike and fish, and have had my BTE aids blown off. And I never found them to be as comfortable as correctly fitted ITE aids.


It is so great to be watching TV with my wife and having to turn the volume on my hearing aids down instead of maximum and still not able to understand the TV


The connect clip connects directly to my MacBook Air no need for the dongle


The only thing I cannot get to work is the connect clip paired to the phone connect the Oticon website says it should work but there is nothing in the connect clip or the phone connect that says it does


Went to the trail to hike today. At first I was disappointed that I was not hearing what I was hoping for, but after a short time I started hearing the wind blowing the dry leaves around, and I could hear the running water in the creek. Then I heard the few birds that were out and about. It was fairly cold so not a lot was happening. I am not sure if it was the hearing aids adjusting to the environment or if it was me adjusting the hearing the sounds.

The other think that is interesting is I am using my MacBook and I have never heard the keys of the keyboard making the sounds that I am hearing.

Yesterday in the car I could hear the radio fairly good, today it seems that radio even sounded better and more clear.
I will say this my Audi did say my hearing aids were in a learning mode so could it be that they are adjusting to the environment that I am living and going to.


Went to an American Legion Christmas party and was totally surprised at how good I could hear then ones talking even when I was facing the opposite way. We also had entertainment by an all women’s group and I was able to understand what they were singing. At least for me these aids all so much improved over my Alta Pros. And it seems they are getting better each time I am in a repeated location, like driving the car and listening to the radio.


Are these your first HA’s?


No this is my 5th set of aids


As far as I can tell, there is no AI technology in the OPN that I know of that would put it in a learning more of some sort. I really think that your hearing is adjusting to the new sounds and your brain is starting to become more acute and aware of more and more new sounds. Probably the wiring in your brain busy at work reconnecting what was long forgotten.


I really don’t know for sure, but the Audi did say he but my hearing aids in learning mode and that they would learn from the volume setting I make and readjust the volume themselves. But these aids just amazes me with what I can now hear and understand.

I am sure they will get to be old hat and I will loss the amazement with them that I have. It would be great if they got to the point that I just put them in and forget about them.


There’s an automatic acclimatization setting you can set on the OPN where the initial default volume can start out lower than the prescribed volume and gets automatically increased in 2 subsequent phases whereby the last phase will be at the prescribed volume. Your audi can set the duration in between the phases at his or her own choosing.

I’m guessing this is what the audi was talking about, which is not the same as auto learning.

I’ve gotten so used to my OPN that I don’t notice I’m wearing it anymore all day long, unless the low battery chime goes on. But I had a similar experience like you when initially I noticed everything that I didn’t hear before. Sometimes the noises were overwhelming and I just took it in stride and kept a positive attitude and eventually I got used to all the noises and I don’t pay attention to them anymore.


Well I am finding that I am adjusting my volume down over time. My wife is watching TV and normally I would have to max out my Alta Prosand still wouldn’t understand what was being said, this morning I had to lower the volume by two notches so it was comfortable for me, yesterday I was comfortable with it at the default setting.
They are reroofing the house down the road from us, and I can hear the guys something in the past would have been impossible.
I can now hear my wife talking to me from the kitchen that is behind me, again that has not happened in the past.