New OPN S 1's first impressions


@Blue_Girl, @richnfamus1, Does the Android app have an Event log you can see? On the IOS app, there is an Event log under the ellipsis icon you can access from bottom button in the app. In my IOS app the HAs are constantly connecting/disconnecting. It doesn’t seem to affect my ability to stream, make phone calls or change volume from the app. Still doesn’t seem right to me. I remember seeing disconnects on the OPNs but not sure if it was as often. I suspect this is a bug in the app.




Yes, I can see the Event log in the Oticon On app (I use Android). I recall that, with OPN1 (first generation), I saw disconnects all the time. I still see them with OPN-S, but not as frequently.



I think the disconnections you’re seeing in the event log are because bluetooth LE goes into a power saving mode. The On app is not used for streaming. It’s only used for monitoring battery level, setting volume and setting the mode. If you aren’t doing anything with it, the connection is not required. It will reconnect in a few seconds as soon as you open it. Even if the app is not open, if the HAs send a battery level warning, the app will receive the notification.



I don’t even use the ON app in my Note 8 very often and don’t even have it turned on, but the Bluetooth page still shows a Bluetooth connection to each of the OPN. If one of the OPNs have low battery, I get a low battery notification on the phone. So I would think that frequent connection and disconnection between the ON app and the OPNs is no surprise. As long as you get connection when the ON app is turned on, then things should be fine.

Usually when you can’t re-establish connection to the OPN from the ON app when it’s opened, usually it’s due to a low battery situation on the OPN side.

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I will quote my audi’s quote of the Opticon’s audi from yesterday. "I would recommend making sure Apps are closed in the background and make sure to shut down the phone at least once a week (more frequently, if it makes it better after the reboot). If this issue is still occurring forget device, delete the On App and then pair the phone and reinstall the App. If this issue still happens occasionally, turn off and on the Bluetooth in the phone settings.

Does the patient have anything else connected Bluetooth to his hearing aids- Ipad or Ipod? If so, make sure the Bluetooth is turned off on those devices as they may be pulling the BT away from the phone. Please let me know if you have any questions."

So, yesterday afternoon/evening I closed all the open Apps on my phone. That is all I did differently, at any rate, I did not have the problem of the right aid disconnecting from the ON App. So, actually, I have not really tested out this theory, as I didn’t wait to see if it happened BEFORE I closed the Apps. (Impatient, I am.) So, I will test that out today…see if, after having disconnected, THEN closing all the other Apps, the right one reconnects as I hope it will.

So, if that fails to work, I will start trying the other proposed solutions.

@Richnfamus1, thanks for your suggestions. (please don’t laugh…what does “forgetting” the devices mean?)

@Luga, yes, there is an event log and it shows just what you say…constant connection/disconnection.

I very much appreciate all the responses!



Interesting I am not having any issues with my ITE custom OPN1s and I have them paired to my iPhone, iPad, connect clip, and TV connect. And my connect clip is paired to my iPhone, my MacBook Air, and my Apple. Every device is working great with my hearing aids and everything is playing nicely



Same with me. My eco system is OPN 1, iPhone, iPad, Samsung Note 8, windows 10 laptop that has Bluetooth, Connect Clip, an Oticon TV Adapter 3.0, and and they all play nicely with each other.

I don’t bother with the ON app, neither on the iPhone nor on the Note 8. I just use the OPN buttons for volume control and program change. Much faster than trying to open the ON app from the smart phone, waiting for it to connect to the OPN, then make the program or volume change. This constant connection to the ON app probably drains by batteries on the OPN as well.



Well. My left aid disconnected from the ON App a few minutes ago. I cleared my Apps then turned off, waited, turned on, but no success. THEN, I turned off Bluetooth, and back on. Both aids started connecting, then the rt. one disconnected and immediately reconnected! (BTW, I always turn my phone off at night, and reboot in the morning, so don’t need to try that.)

@cvkemp, maybe it’s just android phones that have this problem?



Ooos!@volusiano, I see that theory was obviously incorrect!.



You should try to just use the OPN buttons to control volume and program change and forget about the ON app. Much faster and more reliable than having to pick up your phone, login to it, open the ON app, wait for it to reconnect if it disconnected, before you can change your volume or program.

The only reason I can see for the ON app is if you have an ITE or CIC that has no physical buttons on them, and assuming you only want it for volume and program change.



I do use the ON app but only because I use my Apple Watch as a remote, for me too the aids do disconnect from the ON app but not the iPhone, and the only thing the disconnect from the app does is stop me from using the remote of my Apple Watch. And to be honest now that I only have my default program and the program for when I use my helmet while riding my scooter it doesn’t really bother me I can still use the iPhone control panel to make needed program changes. My aids being custom ITE aids I don’t have the capacity to change programs from my aids. I can adjust the volume. For program changes I can use the connect clip or my iPhone natively or use the app and the watch. It is great having choices



@Volusiano I intend to do just as you say soon; however, I’m trying one feature at a time. One reason, I haven’t memorized the combinations of “dings” yet. Also, due to osteoarthritis, I have poor manual dexterity, so pressing the buttons and trying to use the connect clip is painful, depending on the day (weather and overuse, I guess). Also, just the aids by themselves have really improved tv and listening to music, so I’m not as motivated to jump right in.
@cvkemp, yes, indeed! Wonderful to have choices!



Here it is

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I can see this being the case… Power saving strategy. I suppose the event log could be more informative/helpful in understanding whats happening.



@Blue_Girl, Sorry…“forgetting” the devices is Android-phone speak for unpairing the hearing aids from your phone. On my phone, I tap on the the word “forget” in my Bluetooth settings to unpair a device. :slightly_smiling_face:



So true, @Volusiano. I, too, don’t like having to rely on my phone for volume or program changes, but I can see how people with vision or dexterity problems prefer it. The Oticon On app also has the battery life indicator (and it seems to work well with OPN-S rechargables), and it has the “find my hearing aids” feature for anyone who might need that. As has been mentioned before, the Oticon On app is not too helpful in letting Android users fine-tune the listening experience, and that is one area where they could improve the app. I like my ConnectClip, as I have come to rely on it for volume and program changes. There is also a pretty small and handly Oticon remote control available for those who might like to use one of those.



@richnfamus1 I wanted the remote, but my audi said they don’t make them anymore. You’re supposed to use the ConectClip as a remote. I was disappointed because of my problems with manual dexterity/small motor skills.



Interesting that he lists the OPN Sound Booster in the app as one of the things he doesn’t like. It is exactly what I have been asking Oticon for ever since I got the OPN1’s when they first came out. For my loss, the OPN concept makes it nearly impossible to hear or understand anyone I am sitting with or talking to in a nosy “complex” environment because it brings in all the other sounds so strongly that they almost completely overshadow the person I am trying to communicate with. And yes, my aids are tweaked to a nats butt by two different aidi’s and an oticon rep who point blank told me that the OPN concept isn’t for everyone…course they still take you $6,000 without bothering to tell you this. OPNS gets fitted Monday. Fingers crossed that the booster at least marginally helps in restaurants. My old Oticon delta 8000,s were substantially better than the OPB1’s have been because they did exactly what the Open Sound Booster is touting to do.




Check the Oticon Web site. They do make the remote, as it is shown as an accessory there. I just got one for a family member (through my audiologist) last week. You might even be able to order one online. Not sure where your audiologist got the info that they don’t make a remote anymore–you can use either the ConnectClip as a remote, or the separate remote control, with OPN-S. Your audiologist just needs to turn on (activate) the device in your software settings. Hope this helps.



Thanks! I will do that.