New open ear user seeks advice

Hi everyone,

First of all let me say “thank you” to all the folks on this forum. I visited here a lot over the past few weeks since I found out I would need hearing aids, and the information here has been very helpful.

I received my Siemens Cielo II open ear aids today, and have been playing around with them all evening. They came with a remote, and I’m finding that at the volume level that the manual refers to as “normal,” I get a lot of feedback (from the TV, even from the computer keyboard!). I can turn it down and find a level with no feedback, and the level still seems to provide a good level of boost, but I’m wondering…is this something I should be concerned about?

I guess I’m a little clueless about feedback. If I can’t use the hearing aids at what the company calls “normal” volume level, does that mean they’re calibrated incorrectly, or is it just a function of my particular level of hearing loss?

Just curious. Thanks again for all the help you guys give on this forum!


I hate to be negative about your new hearing aids, but I believe that remote control hearing aids are completely obsolete in this day and age. Quality hearing instruments should be able to adjust themselves to the environment without user intervention. If you find yourself adjusting these hearing aids a lot and getting feedback, I would take them back during the trial and get a full refund.

I’ve been fitting a lot of Virtue product by Audibel since they came out last April, and feedback simply isn’t an issue any more. So the fact that you can so easily make your aids feedback is really not a good sign. Also the fact that you have a remote control, in my mind is also a horrible idea. It’s just something else to go wrong, and something else to carry around with you all the time.