New nav bar for forum site

Yes this is happening with me as well. Rather annoying having them flash up in the middle of the screen.

Sorry we didn’t even consider the dark mode. That’s a whole new headache :expressionless: will look into a solution.

The bar at the top is covering certain parts of what you are trying to read.

I’ve just tried to send a PM to a member but I couldn’t access the box where you type the members name in as the bar was covering it.

Forgot to mention that I’m running in Dark Mode, too. For site, browsers, and Windows 10 but do not have Dark Reader turned on within browser for HT forum.

I asked the dev to disable the new nav until we’re able to address the above concerns. Being Saturday, it might not happen immediately. Sorry for the back and forth. This truly is a complicated software issue :upside_down_face:


It was done quickly, thank you!