New nav bar for forum site

Some of you may have noticed that the top nav bar and footer on the forum are now finally in line with main website. One thing to keep in mind:

  • The top search bar searches the whole of HearingTracker… Use the lower magnifying glass to search just the forum.

Let me know if anyone has any questions or notices any bugs!

It is giving me problems. It loses formatting often. Occasionally it blanks the entire page and a reload (Ctrl-F5) sometimes helps, other times I have to close the browser window and open another one. Chrome browser on Linux OS

Curious what happens if you open the site in incognito mode. Wondering if it’s a caching issue.

Where did the link go to enter your Audiogram data? That process has been the most confusing part of this whole website, and now it is gone again…


Go to…
My Account
Public Profile
Hearing Test in that list.

Sorry about that @Sierra … I will try to figure out a sensible place to add it in here… For now you can just visit and that should get you where you need to go.

The key combo Ctrl+F5 clears the browser cache in Chrome browser. I tried Incognito and did not get the bad layout issue. I’ll keep an eye on it to see. Thanks

Now if we browse back or browse forward the top part of the new NavBar, which is normally hidden, flashes into and out of view. Also, in scrolling up, the same thing happens, and the lower part of the NavBar with the community forum controls on it doesn’t always properly reset immediately when scrolling down, if you only scroll down enough to see the top part of the thread. I’m using Chromium-based Edge (latest beta version), which is based on the open-source code of Google Chrome, so maybe it’s a browser-specific effect.

The new NavBar effect seems concocted to remind us of the main forum, same with page bottom to see all main forum features. I understand the need to finance the site overall but the lack of smoothness in the top part of the NavBar flashing in and out is a bit jarring. Maybe I’ll quickly habituate to it.

I don’t need to find it. My profile already has my audiogram. It is the new users that need to find it. Every time I go to try and help new users, the location seems to have changed.

The URL hasn’t changed, just the nav link. Sorry about that. We’ll add it…

Yes, including it took about a month of work. It was not easy. I’ll provide your feedback to the dev and see what he can do. It is personally very important to me that the nav and footer are synced across the sites. Having to add and update links in multiple places leads to inconsistencies and broken links. It’s also just a headache for maintenance.

This came way out of far left field for me. This wasn’t on the long list of reasons for making the change.

Version number and OS please

Also @jim_lewis, can you try again and see if this is plugin related? We have been trying chromium edge and not seeing these issues so far. Disable your plugins please.


Microsoft Edge is up to date.
Version 79.0.309.7 (Official build) dev (64-bit)

Windows 10 Pro version: 1909, build 18363.418

I have the latest version of .NET Framework, etc.

My only browser extension is Dark Reader. It was turned off for this site and when I disable it, I still get the same effects now.

Perhaps a more likely culprit is the interaction of your page information (.CSS or whatever) with my display resolution settings. I am projecting my laptop to a 27-inch Dell monitor. Perhaps with your new NavBar, the web page formatting does not play nicely with the way my computer wants to project the screen? But prior to your new NavBar, my computer had no problems displaying pages from your site. So whatever is going on with my computer is probably directly caused by the new coding behind your site. I haven’t noticed anything funky about any other site that I visit.

I can live with whatever is going on so there is no pressing need from my perspective to fix it and maybe I’m the only one with a computer and display, etc., that’s having this problem. As a former “Windows Insider,” I’m used to living on the bleeding edge (I got tired of sacrificing my computer and SSD writes to Microsoft!).

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Sent to my dev thanks Jim.

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@AbramBaileyAuD In case it helps further elucidate what’s going on, here are my display settings. I am using the Intel SOC display adapter associated with the Intel Core i5 M430 processor in my 2011 Gateway NV59 laptop. (Runs WIn10 Pro 1909 great!). The display is a Dell U2713H.

I tried the site in Google Chrome on the same computer: Version 77.0.3865.120 (Official Build) (64-bit)
The site still behaves a little funky but not as oddly in Chromium-based Edge. If I scroll down, the very top of the NavBar (main forum) disappears and I get even less of a view of the lower community forum part of the NavBar. If I browse backwards and forwards, I can have one page display the full NavBar, including the top part of your main site, scroll back, another page displays only the Community forum part of the NavBar. So maybe it’s a combination of my graphic setup, the browser, and the coding of your new NavBar. My own personal feeling is that the main top part of the NavBar takes up a lot of real estate and it would be better just to incorporate a link to it and perhaps label the link in a noticeable way. Also offer posts on the forums to articles, guest editorials, etc., on the main site that entice people to leave the forum and browse the main site, etc. Do like Microsoft does with Bing and give people brownie points for browsing the main site.


I have some issues with my sight, having had cataract surgery along with the old age issues. I use the dark theme here and any other site I can. I use a dark theme in Chrome.

Now with the changes the header

and footer,

they are constantly flashing into view and back out as I enter or leave a topic. I get blurred vision and beginnings of a headache after about 15 minutes.

I very rarely get headaches unless I use a white computer screen with constantly flashing ads and videos. Where possible I use reader mode on an iPad not and an ad blocker on my router to stop that @#$%&! nonsense.

I now spend much less time on Hearing Tracker and reply less, due to the eye strain.

Off topic, but what kind of lenses did you get? I have a cataract in my right eye that is to be looked at in February. At some point I will have to make a decision on what type of lens to get. I am leaning toward the aspherical astigmatism type, and away from the multi focal type. I have read that some types are sensitive to developing floaters in the lens?