New Naida's fell into the pool

Long story short - my Naida’s were placed inside my towel next to the pool. My son did not know and used the towel. The Naida’s fell into the pool. They were in the pool and under water for about 5 seconds. I immediately took the batteries out, disconnected the hook and opened the little door compartment. I then ran the blow-dryer on low setting with no heat for about 10 minutes, then overnight put them in one of those portable de-humidifiers in a jar. They seem totally normal this morning; everything seems to work in all programs.


Does anyone know if there was any permanent damage? Is there some type of diagnostic test that can be performed to determine if they are running at optimal levels?

I know they are water “resistant” but they were submerged under water and the battery compartment was open, so I don’t thing anything was sealed.

My Audi is not available until next week, so I wanted to know if any one has any comments or advice.



If they are working fine, and knowing, as we do that they are nearly waterproof (so I have been told), I suspect you may have no issues.

Personally, to combat that very problem, I take one of the dryer jar things (the ones with pellets), to the pool. It safely stores and drys them out too.

I stay away from water and sand because of all my artificial body parts.:stuck_out_tongue:

I agree with Jaw. There should be no problems. I wouldn’t worry about it if they are working fine.

The electronics portion won’t be affected as far as programming or any change in it’s operation. If this part works at all, it means that it works completely. The only concern I might have would be the reciever itself (the speaker) as if this gets hit by water it could crud up its ability to move air properly to make sound. BTW, it’s actually not water that screws up things like this, but the contaminants in the water which gum things up. Pure water is actually used in factories to clean electronic parts, but swimming pools are hardly pure. If the aid seems to sound like it did before, then this means the reciever part was not affected by contaminants so you’re probably in the clear in this area as well. The only other thing would be the contacts that the battery connects to when you close the case. If the aid acts intermittantly, shutting off and turning back on again on it’s own, then the contacts are probably contaminated, but again, if the aid seems to be working OK, then it’s probably just fine. If it does start to get intermittant, then simply use a tiny swap to rub the battery contacts carefully to brush off any contaminants. Don’t do this though unless you start having problems to avoid damaging the contacts.

Sorry, for such a detailed post, but I’m an electrical engineer and tend to get a bit detailed.

Thanks all,

I feel a lot better. I have been wearing hearing aids for over 38 years (just turned 40) and never ever had this problem before. You can imagine after just spending about $5,000, how concerned I was about these not working properly. I was more concerned that I may think they are working fine, but that some parts may have been permanently damaged. I will say, everything works as if nothing ever happened.

Nafai - Thanks for your detailed response, it wasn’t too much information at all, in fact, it made me feel much better. Thanks.

Just a note, if they start turning on and off it may have nothing to do with them falling in the pool. The Naidas have been known to have this problem and I have experienced it many, many, many times…

ask your audi to put them on a test box and run a sweep

And the speaker and microphones (I assume) should be ok as they are covered by the pads (whatever they do) which is supposed to block moisture too?

You’ll know if they are damaged. Either they won’t work at all or you"ll hear crackling. As much as I hate to admit it, I had a pair go through the washer and dryer. Well both went through the washer and then only one went through the dryer. I found out that the dryer can cause irreversible damage, whereas the aids can survive the wash cycle. And they’ll look brand new too.:wink: