New MyPhonak app - Marvel vs Paradise

So, I have both M90-R and P90-R (I now use the Marvel as backup to Paradise). With the new MyPhonak App I see different options - not surprisingly. Except one difference seems odd…

When using the P90-R with the new app I am able to edit all the program names as well as delete them (except Automatic). On the M90-R I don’t seem able to delete the Music, Restaurant and TV extra programs. These extra programs also seem to come “built in” meaning I don’t add them in Target - they just appear. I add a custom Music1 program in Target (because I like to turn off SoundRecover for that program. This means I see two Music programs in the MyPhonak app and can’t delete the “built in” one.

Do others see this? Is there a way to delete these extra “built in” programs for the M90-R?

@ Fine tuning / Program manager if you
a checkmark will appear for you to select/Click.

Without mouse hovering over any of the automatic programs, how many of yours are selected with a checkmark? I have none. Though my version is just a simulation/Training Session.

Oh, I meant none except for the one/AutoSense OS 3.0.

My column under ACCESS looks like yours - only “AutoSense OS 3.0” is checked.

So where the heck is the APP coming up with the extra programs for M90-R??

I don’t have Phonak HAs at all, and most ppl don’t have both (M90s and R90s) to test with. Have you tried asking your Audi (if you have one) to ask Phonak Support?

Beats me.

No audi - just me banging the keyboards to see what happens.

Could just be that Phonak didn’t get around to building in a Delete option for saved programs for the Marvels (which they did for Paradise).

This same screen when you have the P90-Rs connected to MyPhonak shows a “Delete Program” option at the bottom of this screen. Everything works as you would expect in Paradise but I have to Marvel at the mess that the M90s live in under the new myPhonak app.

Maybe so. With Apps it’s an extra layer of confusion. Nobody knows for sure what the Apps do? We can only guess.

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I can’t either but I can rename them.

This is the place where I can rename the program that is on the App on my Phonak Sky M70 SP hearing aids.

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