New member with questions #1

I am a 68 year old male who has had hearing problems for many years but have put off the purchase of hearing aids, mostly due to their high cost, but my hearing has gotten to the point I feel I need to do something. I had a hearing test (over 10 years ago) and it did show hearing loss but I do not have the numbers to provide for your review. My hearing is much worse now than when I had the test. I know the first step in this process will be to have a new hearing test but first I need some basic information. Since I have many questions I have broken my post into several separate posts to not bog down the process.

My questions are:

  1. Would you recommend that I have an ENT specialist perform the
    hearing test or have it done through an independent HA provider?

  2. Is there a fee for the test? If so, how much?

  3. If I were to talk with several providers will each want to do their
    own test or will they use the test results generated by someone else?

Thanks in advance for your advice.


1.If you haven’t been to an ENT in a while or ever, start there. ENT’s charge for the visit.
2. Some charge audiologist charge for the test and some don’t.
3. Some will accept the test from someone else and some will want to do their own.

In general you should be able to find several audiologists and specialists who do the test for Free.

They should also provide you with a copy of the results FREE.

Most will want to do their own test but if you decide to buy over the Internet you wlll want a copy of the test to send them.

Also it’s good to compare the results that different audiologists and specialists show.

I’ve had two in the last week and they are both exactly the same. I’m having a third done at CostCo next Wednesday.

Because of the price I’m seeing as many local people as possible and also looking into an online purchase.

You should receive not only a 2 year warranty on the hardware that you buy but also a 30 day money back guarantee. I’m also learning that it’s not unusual to use the 3 day money back guarantee but I think that is determined strictly a result of the quality of the technician or doctor.

That’s what I’ve learned in the past 2 weeks.

I would start with an ENT which should include a hearing test. since you paid for the visit you should leave with a copy of the audio-gram. costco is another good place to get a hearing test and general information. usually they will let you spin around the store wearing a couple different pairs of aids. then talk with friends and try to get some recon on a good private AuD. 68?, any chance you are a RVN Vet?

Uncle Larry,
What is a AuD 68 and RVN Vet?

I read a lot about people going to Costco but unfortunately we don’t have on in our area. Looks like a visit to an ENT should be my first stop. It is my understanding that if the ENT gives me a referral to an Audi that Medicare will pay for the hearing test, assuming the Audi charges for the test.

Thanks for the reply and the advice.

The Doctor of Audiology (Au.D.) is professional degree for an audiologist.
Acronym, Definition. RVN, Republic of Vietnam.

since you said you were 68 I thought you might be a veteran and eligible for free HAs (hearing aids)

Charlie, my thought exactly. If you are a veteran seek out your nearest VA clinic/hospital. You will be treated with respect and lots of free services.