New member with otosclerosis


Hi I am 35 M and I have been recently diagnosed with otosclerosis. My left ear is really bad and has a ABG of upwards of 40db at most frequencies with a Carhart notch. My right seems to be normal.

I am a bit sad due to this but cannot really help it as it is perhaps genetic, my mom has it too. My hearing was flawless even 2 years ago. It seems that that just in 2 years I went from 100% to almost no hearing in my left ear. I am going to get an HA to correct it. I am also contemplating getting a surgery and heard really good things about Dr. McKenna at MGH in Boston. My questions were

  1. For people who have had surgery it does seem that even if its successful, the effects seem to wear off, is that true?

  2. Any people here who saw Dr McKenna and got operated? Thoughts on how it went and things that I need to watch for?

  3. I have predominantly conductive loss in my left ear and am considering the Resound at Costco. I want discrete ones so will perhaps try and get the IIC ones. I was wondering if any one had thoughts there too?

Many thanks.


Thanks for the note Neville. That is good advice. Any thoughts on MGH Dr. McKenna, from what I can tell he seems one of the best and is highly regarded. He also happens to be someone who has done a lot of research on otosclerosis.

I do read that about 30% of the people will eventually get sensorineural loss and women are more prone. Is that consistent with your understanding?