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Good morning all! I joined a few weeks ago and have been lurking. I am uploading my audiology screening and would like your comments on a recommended HA. I have moderate to severe loss I am told. I have been getting screenings for several years, and I see a gradual decline in hearing especially in the right ear.

I purchased a set of ReSound (Forte 8) at Costco about two woks ago and and I am going this morning for a check up and adjustment. I don’t think the ReSound as programmed is that helpful to me. However I do tell the difference in what I am able to hear. For instance, I am just noticing the sound of the turn signals in the car. I can hear the TV and phone better. I do not think that I am hearing soft spoken persons well enough. I had a car trip this weekend and could not make out what the person riding with me was saying enough to not make it annoying to both of us, so on the return trip, I just did not wear the HA. Being in church last week was torture. I ended up removing the HA’s. Also, the AC fan in my car was super loud, but I adjusted for wind on the app, which made me more comfortable.

I am thinking today of trying something else. I thought you might have suggestions. I will stay with Costco. I like their service and their prices.

I use an Android LG G5 so the ReSound app works just fine but of course I cannot take advantage of the streaming feature. I did not go with the Kirkland 8 because I wanted some of the features on the ReSound, such as the finding GPS feature. I thought they both sounded about the same when I tried them out. This morning in the forum I read about Brio 3 R_C. So I am looking for advice here on whether another HA brand might be better for me or whether to try the ReSounds a little longer. If I keep what I have, I may end up changing my phone. I would hate to do that as I am an Android fangirl. I use an iPad and have had an iPhone, but switched to Android. Thanks.

OK. I just got a message that new users can not upload attachments???

Now my report is posted. Thanks for the help in getting that done.

Ruthie, I guess the one and biggest thing I can say is to be patient! It takes time for your brain to adjust to hearing aids. Tell your audi at Costco of your experience and let them make some adjustments for you. They can make adjustments based on your feedback but the biggest adjustment is going to be in you!


I agree with @joe.knobbe.

Upon getting my first HA, I quickly found that the default amplification level was a bit too soft for me. I always cranked it up one notch. I told that to the fitter at Costco and she adjusted it up so that the new default was a bit higher. I’d want to see what the fitter can do before switching to a different aid.

Also, I think there’s a natural tendency after we get hearing aids to attribute failures in communication to the aid not being good enough, quite irrespective of the quality of the communication itself. I know I’ve made that mistake. My wife and I were watching TV and there was a girl on the show we were watching who mumbled something. I thought I was the only one who did not get it and was a bit miffed that my HA did not help, but my wife (who has no hearing loss whatsoever) asked me what the girl said. So I rewound, but we still did not get it. I had to put the captions on for us to make out what she was saying. Not the hearing aid’s fault. Some people are just too soft-spoken or mumble and there’s not much you can do to prevent communication failures with them. I guess the question is how much of a difference overall does the aid make? There are still going to be communication failures but if the failure rate has dropped quite a bit, that’s a win.

I would say it takes more than a few weeks, and a few adjustments, to fully evaluate new hearing aids.

I bought the KS8.0 at Costco, and I don’t know if this is a policy or not, but they were turned way down from the target fit. I have just recently learned what the target fit would look like and mine are getting turned up close to that. It is really helping out with low talkers.

Everything is adjustable and I hear really good things about your hearing aids, so maybe a few adjustments will improve the performance.

I make a list of the things I want changed, and talk about the list of items with my pro when I go for an adjustment.

Thanks Don. I just left my appointment and was a bit flustered in that I was not certain that I was reporting my experiences with the HAs as well as I did for you all. So your suggestion of a list is spot on. I will do that the next time, and also be patient with getting used to them. I did get a few small adjustments made.

Thanks, Joe for helping me to adjust my thinking on the HAs. I think you are exactly right, that it is easy to,think that the HAs are at fault in all communications scenarios. Thanks for this reminder.

I am 4 weeks into the Costco Resound Forte 8. Severe hearing loss, as well. There are of course issues, especially as it relates to compression. But for the most part I’m quite happy with these. By compression, I mean that the hearing aids appear to compress things like the television and bring that up to a compressed good level. Add in people talking in the room and I start having issues…

That said, these are great at my work environment, when it is just 1 sound source of various people on all sides talking. 3 dimensional sound is not as wonderful as it used to be… However, I lost a great deal of my hearing. And this is a great deal better than it was… There is no such thing as perfect.

I suppose in future, a great deal more money might get closer to perfect. But these are damn good.

Still working on getting used to these.

It is good to hear from someone who is about on the same journey. I went for my first followup visit today. For one, my HAs were not seated deep enough into the ear canal, so I was not getting the best support. I felt that I was hearing pretty good afterwards. I need to get accustomed to having something foreign in my ears.

You mention watching TV. I am not sure I understand about compression, however, I had to remove the HAs and use the ROKU earphones to understand all of the conversations. I kept making adjustments via the app, but as I could not get good clear language. I am wondering if I will need to settle for not using HAs for TV. Thanks again.

Yeah, getting used to having something in the ear canal can take some time. I have narrow ear canals. When I started with the Resound Forte 8, I found that the receiver’s rubbing against the wall of my ear canal was painful. My ear canal got used to it and the pain went away in a couple of days. It was enough of a problem at first I thought maybe I’d have to switch receivers or maybe to a different aid entirely. The receiver also had a tendency to want to flop out of my ear canal, which decreased the performance of the aid. I found a sport lock helps keep it in place.

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