New member trying Resound Linx3 - are they the right choice for music listening?

I’ve always heard hearing aides are not the best quality for serious audiophile listening. I’m a vintage stereo geek and love listening to music - but didn’t use my 4 year old Phonak’s for music.

My insurance covered new pair and my audiologist recommended Resound Linx3 with REI. I just picked them up and want to get feedback on this model. Particularly how members feel they perform with music listening.


It’s particularly tricky for performers as you need as true of a concept of your sound as possible.

I have not tried the Resound Linx3 with REI. I have tried several others. Please read my post; “Hearing aid experience from a wind musician’s vantage point”. Hope it helps your search.

I have been wearing Resound Linx3 RIE for about 1 month. I have used the multi-mic with my i-pod for listening to music. I would say the sound is very ‘tinny’, even with the bass emphasized. The same is true when listening via blue-tooth to music on my phone. I think that it is just as Zebras has said, that the industry is focused on speech recognition, and not music.

Well, no; the problem isn’t the industry, it’s physics. With an open fitting (which I assume you have), it’s extremely hard for HA’s to pump out sufficient bass to make music sound reasonable. Too much bass leaks out, and the receiver (speaker) is very limited in the amount of gain that can be provided.

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Yes, I do have open fittings. So if I had custom molds, the sound would be better? I had asked my audi about custom molds, but she didn’t want to do it at this time.

It’s all about tradeoffs; if you get a more closed (occluded) fit, your own voice will start to sound strange (plug your ears and hum to get an idea of this…) You don’t need custom molds to get a more closed fit - closed domes or double domes (forget which ones Resound has) will also help.

This is actually something I care a lot about myself; the best I’ve found (at the moment) are Signia Nx’s with closed click sleeves. There’s a little occlusion effect that’s not bad enough to bother me, but streaming music sounds pretty good. But… remember that HA speakers can’t provide much output below 100Hz, so you can forget about “deep” bass completely unless you are pretty occluded.

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Thanks mblank. I guess it’s a trade-off.

I have never felt that streaming even comes close to experiencing music through a good standard system with good speakers. It’s difficult to get the same results with lesser speakers.

The Signia Nx is the best sounding HA for music streaming that I’ve tried, though it takes some adjustment. The bass response is far better than most, so the sound is significantly fuller than what I’m used it (and I’ve tried ALL of the high-end HA’s). This is with vented click sleeves on the Nx 312.

For me a good set of quality on ear or in ear headphones do the best job. Of course without hearing aids in place. I do agree thou most Hearing Aids focused on speech recognition. Power dome on right open fit on left. May just try power dome on left also to determine sound quality.