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I have just started using HA’s and found this forum very interesting so I thought that I would join.
I spent my career in the diamond cutting industry and when the stones were being polished they would often scream. Ear defenders weren’t used in those days, you just winced and got on with it!
I probably compounded my hearing problems when I was in the combined cadet force at school. Mind you it was great fun running around firing off blanks at people but I did notice my ears ringing afterwards.
This has left me with tinnitus and not a lot of hearing in the high range.
The final straw came when I couldn’t hear the television properly and I also found that I was using my wife as an interpreter when speaking to anyone behind a desk, e.g. hiring a car at the airport etc.
I have got Phonak Marvel 90’s and they seem to be doing the job. I am still finding them obtrusive in the mornings, it feels like I have my fingers stuck in my ears, although I haven’t got occlusion. The only other problem is I get a lot of noise when I’m eating and I am wondering if they are moving in my ear when my jaw moves.
Early days yet and the is no way I am going back to not wearing them.

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Keep notes and take them to your Audi, don’t be afraid to ask questions and see if thinks can be made better. You may want to try custom ear molds if you don’t have them. And most of all be very patient.
Your nots need to be what is working as well as what isn’t.



Welcome to the forums, hookallanuk!
We met briefly in another thread. I’m a new Marvel M90-R user too. Our audiograms are similar, so I imagine our experience would be similar too. It took us several weeks of constant use to get used to hearing all the new sounds again. Kate and I both got Marvel M90’s at the same time! Who knew that our wood floors creaked when you walked on them?

What kind of phone do you have? I have an Android Google Pixel 3 XL. One of the reasons I went with the Marvels was their ability to stream directly from an Android phone without the need to wear an intermediate device around your neck.

Did you get battery or rechargeable Marvels? So far the rechargeable is working well for us. I’ve yet to actually run out of battery in a day’s use. The battery is supposed to be good for 6 (six) years. The new lithium polymer batteries can do that but I doubt if I’ll have the same HA’s for that long.

Have you streamed music yet? These things are absolutely amazing for streaming music. They are as good or better than any headphone I’ve ever owned. I stream CD quality music from and the sound is absolutely astounding!



I have a Galaxy S7 Edge which seems to work fine. Already answered a phone call with them.
I found music a bit tinny at first but I have messed around with the levels and it is a lot better now.
I’ve just got to get used to the feeling of the them being in my ears, it seems to get better during the day so I assume that eventually I won’t notice them.
I started this the thread as I shouldn’t have gone so far off topic on the other one!
It it will be interesting next Thursday as I have them at 80% at the moment in order not to overwhelm me. I’ve got rechargables as well. 60% at the end of the day so plenty of spare power there.

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I found that the fullness and richness of streaming music has a lot to do with how I’ve seated my domes. At first I had them just barely inserted and now I seat them so that the end of the receiver can just be touched with the tip of my finger. For me that really does make all the difference in streaming music.

Kate and I did the same thing with gradually working up to 100%. I was at 100% in a month, Kate took longer, about two months before she was comfortable at 100%. They really are a bit overwhelming at first when you haven’t heard high frequencies for decades.

After 6 months of use, I cannot imagine being without my Marvels!

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I have been back for the second visit and I basically an very pleased with them.
I complained about wind noise and she said everyone with aids suffers from that and its just the sound of the wind. I politely pointed out that it is the sound of air rushing over the mike and that is nothing like wind noise.
Anyway she turned up the wind noise damper and fiddled about with one or two other settings. She seemed to think that if it was damped to much I would not hear as well for other things. Is this right?
She turned them up to 90% and said they would automatically reach 100% within a month, they are more clever than I thought!
I have noticed a lot of gain in the high notes and I’m glad that she didn’t whack it up straight away.
I got an audiogram from her and have changed my profile, it’s different to the online test.
Overall I’m very happy with them but I’m a bit of a control freak and would like a bit more manual programming. She is of the opinion that the auto sense works perfectly well. I do think it would be better if, when walking in a strong winds, I could change to 100% wind damping so it looks like we may have a difference of opinion there.
I will run them as is for some time and then maybe get into self programming, although if they are working why bother?



You are exactly correct. I have my wind noise reduction turned up to max and it is still a problem other than in light winds. The best solution I have found in stronger winds is to push and hold the button that is set to mute the HA’s. That obviously would not be a great solution if you also have to carry on a conversation, but for walking alone it works fine.



Have you tried hearing aid socks?
I’ve seen them advertised and I wondered if they would do the trick



I have not tried them. They might help with wind and also with clicking against hair or glasses. I open my battery case every night, so they might start to get to be a bit of a pain putting them on each day though.



I think some of them are open at the bottom which means you should be able to get to the battery.
If I tried them I would only use them when walking in the country as that is where I need it



I see that you have updated your audiogram, and from another post are at the 90% level. This is what an NAL-NL2 gain should look like at 90%

And at 100%. It should not be too much of a change unless you start to get into feedback issues. Most cannot notice a change less than 3 dB.

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