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Hello! I’m happy to be a member of this forum. I am woman 55 years old. For almost 20 years I remember to find out a hearing loss. She went to an doctor and gave me an autogram and told me I did not hear well because of the acoustic nerves. He told me to repeat an audiogram after 6 months. Indeed, after 6 months, it did not show any improvement or deterioration. He did not tell me I needed Hearing Aids. Because my job was in a quiet environment, I did not have any particular problems with sound perception. After 35 years and because I attend some seminars on my job I think about looking for Hearing Aids. An audiologist from Oticon came to my house and told me that I did not do well that I left it for so many years. I would like to give me your opinion on this subject. I have an audiogram on my profile. What level do you think I am and what kind of headphones should I look for.
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It’s a pretty basic audiogram (missing several frequencies), but it’s a fairly common hearing loss pattern. Most any hearing aid should be able to help. Have no idea what your options in Greece are.



Thanks for your reply! I have tried three HA. One was Phonak Audeo V30 312, the other Oticon Ria2 and the third Oticon Opn3. I don’t know what to look at more. What would you consult to me?



Was there something about the hearing aids you tried that didn’t work well?



The Oticon Opn3 and the Phonak V are both fine hearing aids and should be able to adjusted to help you. It’s less about the specific hearing aid and more about finding somebody that will work with you.

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All worked just fine but I don’t have the experience to choose one



If they’re all equal to you, just pick a criteria. If you truly have no preference, flip a coin.

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If all work fine then pick one that fits your budget.



Based on this audiogram, do you think I have to put on HA or it is not necessary?



With that audiogram you’re definitely missing a lot of speech cues. I would say that HA are necessary, but I’ve never found it useful to tell people what to do. You need to make that decision.



I see we have quite similar audiograms. Would you like to tell me which ΗΑ do you use?



Similarly shaped, yes, but yours drops off earlier. I use Kirkland KS7s from Costco. They’re based off of a generation older Rexton hearing aid.



Vamei09, not sure if you have all 3 pairs of aids still … but what I do whenever I’m on trial with aids is put them to the test: make a phone call from your cell phone AND a landline phone; wear them to a loud restaurant, walk outside on a windy day with them, listen to music, go to a movie, wear them in an airport, in the public bathroom, just ALL over town. Only then can you really understand which aids are the best for YOUR listening preference.

Believe me: audiologists can recommend one brand, and your own listening preferences will dictate a completely different one for any variety of reasons. Just be proactive, and work with the aids you decide on to have them adjusted at future appointments till you really DO enjoy wearing them and feel confident that is the best pair of aids for YOU.



Thanks for your suggestions! But to test the heering acoustics, must be available to me for days. I don’t think they will accept that (HA companies).



^^^ I think the challenge we all face with trials is that we get ONE pair of aids at a time. I’m usually able to tell if I LOVE or HATE a pair within 5 min - before I even leave the exam room. A couple of times, I’ve trialed a pair for up to 2 weeks, then decided I didn’t want them. It usually boils down to the aids not sounding good with music played or speech.

Then you go to the next pair of aids and have to remember what you didn’t like about the previous pair. ACK. It isn’t perfect, but I’ve seen more and more people here given trials for more than one pair of aids.



I don’t know what part of Greece you come from. If you are in a city ring several audiology clinics and ask them “do they let you trial different hearing aids for 2-3 weeks” if that one doesn’t keep ringing around. Because the major HA companies do have trial hearing aids that audiology clinics can get for you to trial. Even if your not in the city still ask where ever you go.

Things to think about… Do you have a mobile phone? Are you an IOS or Android person? Do you want BT connectivity with your phone and you HA’s? Or is none of the above important to you. How well do you understand a telephone conversation?
If you live in an area of high humidity make sure you have a high IP 67 + in your aids. This helps protect the aid from moisture.

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I understand your situation. Since you have never worn hearing aids in the past, any hearing aid may be overwhelming.

Hearing the noises plus the additional frequencies that have been absent in the past presents more work for your brain. It can be irritating. Many hearing aids have a period programmed to allow you to slowly adjust to the change in what you hear. They start with minimal correction to you hearing. As you accumulate time using the aids, they slowly increase the correction until you reach your targeted amplification.

The first hearing aids I tried were overpowering. I was in Costco, which is a giant warehouse store. I could hear shopping carts 50 meters away. I was convinced I would never be able to wear any hearing aids.

I came to this forum and read probably 500 posts advising what to look for before I bought my first hearing aids. I am glad I waited and found something that works well for me.

Take your time, you have survived this long without hearing aids. Remember, that if you continue too long without hearing aids, your brain might not be able to interpet what you hear. Hearing more will eventually allow you to interact more easily with coworkers, family, friends, television and total strangers. Poor hearing, if severe enough can rob you of cognative skills.

I strongly suggest you make every effort to find a hearing aid you are comfortable using. Hearing aids are expensive. Buying a hearing aid that you do not use is not only a waste of money, it makes it likely you will not get a hearing aid that could help you.

Good luck as you start down this road to hearing improvement.



And thank you very much for your advice. Indeed, because I’m new to hearing aids, it seems very difficult to approach. However, I will look at it in detail and wish to go well. I wanted to ask you if there is a huge difference in acoustic ability when you wear earphones for the first time. Is it a process that offers you great pleasure;



When I first got my hearing aids, I could tell an immediate difference. I mostly had difficulty hearing when there were many people talking or certain types of backgroung noise. As time passed and my brain adjusted and my hearing aids ramped up the amplification, it was much easier to hear and understand conversations. There were times when noise was still a problem, but by controlling my hearing aids by switching programs AND controlling my environment I have vastly improved my daily life.

When I say control my enviroment, I mean by chosing where I will sit or stand in a room, as well as what direction I will face. When I go to a resturant, I attempt to get a seat with my back to a wall, where I am not facing a source of noise. I do not sit near a server station, where they are likely to congregate and chat causing a distraction.

I have been fortunate because last year I had health insurance that allowed me to upgrade to a truly top tier hearing aid. The improvement was immediate. Even though I have excellent hearing aids, they have limitations. Learning the limitations and how to maximize my understanding is an ongoing growth experience.

Now. When I remove my hearing aids, I am shocked by what is missing in what I hear. I cannot hear the shower dripping without my hearing aids. I love music. When I wear my aids and listen to music, there are sounds in songs that were absent for years. In fact, many of the sounds were absent even when I was younger. I am in awe when I hear bells, drum brushes, the sounds of fingers sliding on guitar or violin strings… the list goes on. There are sounds that add what I call texture to music, that have been missing for a very long time. When I first got my hearing aids, those new sounds might caused a sensory overload. Now, I rejoice hearing those details on sound.

Many of us in the forums focus on the hardware and costs. I suggest you also compare those who are fitting your hearing aids. When you ask questions, do you feel that they understand your concerns. I they cannot identify what your needs and concerns are, they are unlikely to fully address your situation.

Remember hearing aids are just that. Aids. They will never give you back the hearing you were born with. Accept there will be limitations and try to maximize what you can comfortably hear and enjoy.

I know this is rambling, but being able to hear influences ever aspect of my day. I hope this encourages you to continue your quest. I think you will be happier when you hear more.



Great rambling! Exceptional advice and viewpoint for those of us with hearing aids and those just starting the journey to get them. :+1:t4: :fire: