New member needs some help about my Audiogram

Hi Guys …
i have Profound hearing loss on my ear
Total loss ( deaf ) on my left ear and it’s since i was a child about 10 Years old and now i’m 26.

I wear a Siemens Nitro CIC Power and i think it’s not fitting my hearing loss well … so i need your help , is there any CIC Power from another company can fit with my hearing loss situations ?
The Agent of Siemens in my country is only focusing on their business and never willing to help the patient if you asked him to reprogramming the hearing aid !!

Can you post an audiogram? Starkey will custom make a high power CIC, but you will have to go to MN for them to do it. If you have a total loss in that ear and are completely deaf, than no HA will do you much good and perhaps you should be looking into a BiCros HA that will take the sound from your deaf side and transmit it to your hearing side.

i already uploaded my audiogram on the post … here is another link

btw , i’m from United Arab Emirates.

Hello Nafa

With your hearing loss you are most definitely borderline profound, your left ear most definitely is and your right is severe to profound. You are only 26 and I’m not surprised you are struggling with CIC’s, you would be struggling with (Super Power BTE’s) perhaps you should consider Implants, you dont say if its a conductive or sensory neural loss, if its conductive then BAHA’s may be a better choice? Good luck, cheers Kev.

Hi Kev.
Thank you for replying
i don’t know if it’s conductive or sensory neural loss … actually it’s since i were child and even my father didn’t remember how that happened to me.
about the BAHA , you mean i need to do it on my left ear which has total loss or right ear?

Hi Nafa

I am no audiologist, although I did work with “Deaf Services” which is a Social Work initiative which did assessments for the profoundly deaf and hard of hearing, we did very small repairs to HA’s, changed tubing, we installed all types of enviromental equipment, phones, vibrating alarms, pagers, assistive listening devices, inductive loop systems and 1 to 1 work with folks whom were struggling with their loss, I am no expert but I have a fair knowledge about hearing loss. A BAHA is a “Bone Anchored Hearing Aid”… Very basically this works differently from normal hearing aids. A pin is anchored in the bone directly behind the ear, if your loss is conductive this means that something is obstructing the sound reaching the cochlear, the BAHA gets round this by sending the sound down the bone via the anchor/pin thereby circumventing the obstruction, this can be very effective, 3 of my friends have BAHA’s fitted and although they are not perfect, they are able to hear quite effectively, but any conventional aids would not be much use to them and most likely leave them profoundly deaf? Although the image of your audiogram is not very clear, I am assuming upper lines are for when you were tested on the bone, if so then you may be a candidate for 2 x BAHA’s? Although I do not wish to build your hopes up only to have them dashed!!! I would therefore inquire about your loss and find out for certain if it is CL or SNL and if it is CL I would endeavor to pursue BAHA’s… Good Luck Nafa. Cheers Kev.