New member need some advice

New here I need some serios advice on what hearing aids I should choose for my first one,I am think or RIC or ITE.My hearing loss is rated from mild to severe in the left ear and moderate to severe in the right ear across all frequancies,any ideas witch kind of aids would be better.

Sharing your audiogram with us would help us help you.

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RIC should do fine. If you’re in the US, Costco is a good choice for starting out. If not, let us know where you’re from and somebody may be able to give suggestions.

Here is a photo of my audiogram and I am located in Israel.

Thanks but I am not able to load it or see your audiogram.
When you are posting, across the top of the box you are typing in there is an icon with an arrow up. Use that icon to add pictures to your posts.

Will try to up load it once more1607458451539.pdf (2.0 MB)

Both are visible by me. I think you’d do fine with a RIC. I suspect you’d be happiest with a custom mold. I have no idea of what’s available in Israel. Hopefully we have some forum members from there. Your word recognition scores are pretty decent which suggests that hearing aids could help.

I ve got a fitting appointment next week or week of Christmass ,witch is easeier to get used to RIC or ITE and witch one is more comfortable?

Comfort is very much a personal issue. Advantages of RIC are that you get the latest technology, there are a wide variety of ear pieces you can try, generally easy to repair and that they’re pretty inobtrusive. ITE’s big advantage is that it’s all in your ear. Nothing sitting on the outside of the ear. Disadvantages are that any work at all generally requires sending back to factory. As far as I know, they’re only made of hard materials so that might affect comfort. Unless you’ve got a specific reason to want ITE, I’d go with RIC.

Dont really want aITE aid but because of my work I might need to get one as I am afraiad that I might lose a RIC aid to easily I work in the security industries and am very active.

Unless you have somebody pulling at your ears, it shouldn’t be an issue. I go running, hiking and rock climbing and my RICs are not an issue. That said, some people love ITEs, so feel free.

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Audiogram is coming up for me now too, thanks.

As mentioned the RIC aids would be fine as other aid types would work for you too.
Your hearing loss is very close to needing custom ear molds. Something nice about ear molds is they make your aids very secure. You are not going to lose your aids easily with ear molds in your ears.

What choices of hear aid brands do you have available there?

Thanks people first of all nearlly all the big names are available in Israel except Beltone and Widex .Can RIC aids be fitted with custom molds?

Yes. ALL RIC can be fitted with custom molds. They are the most confortable solution for majority of us, so insist for them.

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RIC gets my vote. Has been my choice for the last 3 hearing aids!!!

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Have you seen an ENT?

Yes And have an apointment to make aids on Monday ,just cant decide what I want prefer aids that sit behind the ears but I might be wrong about that.The Signia P 312 any good or not and what about Phonak Paradise P 312?

With your hearing, definitely RIC. You can have molds built for them. Also be aware that Clalit generally charges a lot for hearing aids, more than the other 3 kupot.

Thanks not with Clalit but with Maccabi,Maybe you can tell me with witch companies Opticana hearing works?I dont want to get stuck with some crap hearing aid because thats all the work with.

RIC in custom molds. Domes are the work of Satan. I wasted somuch time s rewing around with them. The molds are the way to go. If you have an iPhone go for Oticon MFI, if you have Android go with Phonak.