New member, longtime hearing aid user

I stumbled on this forum by accident when I was searching for info about the Oticon Epoq hearing aids last week. I’ve been wearing hearing aids for twenty years, started back when my parents finally took my hearing loss seriously, but that was because they didn’t realize the severity of it till then. Since that time I’ve had the Seimens BTEs, Starkey ITCs, and Widex Senso CICs.

I just placed an order for the Epoq BTEs on Thursday, those were the ones recommended to me by my Audiologist. I’m quite excited about them, the only drawback is that I have to have the standard hook design instead of the receiver in the ear that I was hoping to get. She said that model just didn’t have enough power for me, and I needed the hook one instead. Oh well, you have to go with what will work best for you, not what’s aesthetically pleasing.

Well I just wanted to introduce myself and I am looking forward to getting to know some of you hear on the forum.

Welcome, I’m also interested in the Epoq. Let us know your impressions with them.

As with any major $ outlay in our lives I recommend that you always get a second or third “quote”.

Buying HAs is no different to any other major purchase you make.

Do you accept the first car salesman’s quote?
Do you accept the first quote you get for life insurance/ car insurance/ home insurance?
etc etc
Shopping around with HAs could save you $100’s if not $1000’s.

Doing some Internet research could also reduce your $ outlay!

the power rite will be coming this summer.

BUT BUT, there is a catch, it takes a lot of space in the ear

and therefore, while it could be done - it is not a solution for everybody…

It is my wild guess that they will have something clasic, for children…

In another thread I mentioned that I shopped around at Hearing Planet and, and to make a long story short, my adiologist matched the Hearing Planet price which was about $600 less. was $600 lower than HP, but it’s on the other side of town with a doctor that I really didn’t care for. My audiologist is 10 min away and I get along great with her and her staff. That was ultimately the deciding factor for me, and since she matched HP’s price I went with her.

I will definitely be telling you guys about my experiences with the Epoq, and thanks for mentioning the Power Rite model that’s coming out. The one problem I have right now is that I am a truck driver and it states on my license that I have to wear hearing aids while driving. I have one hearing aid that has been broken for over a year. I was going to repair it but I still had a Starkey ITE that was working so I used that one instead. Up until three weeks ago everything was fine, except one night driving home I took it out because it was bothering me. I knew I should have put it in the protective case I had, but I didn’t thinking that nothing was going to happen. Well on my way into my house I tripped and stumbled, and although I didn’t know it at the time, my aid had fallen out of the bag. I tore my house apart looking for it, when I finally decided to look in my car and that’s when I found it. Lying on the driveway on my neighbor’s side, completely crushed when he pulled out earlier that day. Of course he had no way of knowing it was there, and there’s no point in making him feel bad about it.

I was already pushing it with only one, since technically a cop could write me up for not having both now that I don’t have one that works I have to get them now. I wish I could wait till summer but oh well, you gotta have them, you gotta have them.

i have pair a streamer with a guys GPS, it is simply cool!
you could ask ur audi to do this

I’d like to know more about this, do you have more detail? What brand HAs, GPS and how was the link between the two achieved.

it was an epoq W , with a streamer- but becuase it could have perfectly work on an exelia or the new siemens tek… it is bluetooth so it is the same.

The car my client have is a Mercedes it had the Bluetooth integrated…
Can remember the model

them. I am getting the XW model Epoq, the Myvoice feature really intrigued me and I’m really excited to see if it helps me hear better in noisy environments, a weakness all my previous aids had.

my voice helps to refine the noise reduction algorithm,
you see, the instrument optimizes for the best signal to noise ratio.
the problem is that when you speak, the instrument “have a false response”
as the signal of interest is not you but rather the person who is speaking to you. So my voice helps to refine the NR and directional algorithm,
the feedback canceller has also been improve in this new 1.1 version

explained it, although she used alot more techobabble than that.

Thanks for the info, that wouldn’t work for me, but seems like a great idea.

Good luck hope these new ones work out for you.

Be sure and keep track of the trial period and return them if you are not 100% on them.

I will! When I’m spending this kind of dough, I can’t afford to do something stupid like lose track of the time remaining in the trial period.