New member, getting first HA, seeking opinions Oticon, ReSound



Yeah, but…

When they called to confirm the appointment, they asked if I had had a hearing test, and asked me to bring it “for comparison”. While I was there no testing of any kind, they made a copy of my audiogram. When I went in with the fitter, she asked “I understand you are interested in OPN 1”, I said yes. She then said, “I have no idea how they sell at this price”. She asked what color HA, if I wanted to use with a cell phone, I replied gray, and yes, Google phone. I said “I have some questions”. Her reply was “I have a few minutes to place the order, we will call you and take care of things when they arrive”.

That was it, no more than five minutes with the fitter, no testing, no important questions. Two days later Hearing Revolution called for payment, and I asked what was on the order, making sure the Connect Clip was on it. They said OPN 1 with 60 db low power receiver and Connect Clip.The audi I saw previously about the OPN 1 stated my loss needed 85 db receivers for my loss as we compared OPN 1 & 2.

I then called the clinic and left a message about receivers. In the meantime, I plugged my audiogram into the Genie 2 program, selected the OPN 1 aids, and it automatically selected the 85db receivers! Three days later the fitter called me stating the 60 db receivers were “adequate since there is no speech in the range were my loss is at 65-70 db”. No questions about lifestyle, meetings, music, activities, hobbies, nada. She said she would call and see if they could change the order. A week later I called Hearing Revolution, no call from the clinic, still 60 db receivers.

Hearing Revolution offer includes one year follow up, 60 day trial, 2 years batteries, I can imagine what that one year followup would provide, or worse need for warranty service. Even at $3700 for the OPN 1, that makes the poor clinic service and treatment not worth it. I’m fed up with the three Audiology clinics I visited. Worst shopping experience of my life, close to the worst car purchase I made of 40 years ago.


I’m moving that direction. I already have a smartwatch, mine has no sound, and the vibration is not real strong. I sometimes miss appointment reminders or taking meds on time. I’m looking for a way to have them sound on the phone but not the aids, which they do when the Phone Clip + is off. With the PC+ on for phone calls or streaming, they go there unless I turn off notification sounds on the phone and rely on looking at it or getting watch vibrations. I’ve read that iPhone can direct notification, but have not found it in Android, if it exists.

I am now looking hard at an Apple phone and watch for the easy of HA connections to phone. I’m waiting until more is known about Google direct HA support and the new ReSound Quattro, hoping beyond reason that Costco will handle it. I came into the whole HA acquisition expecting to spend $6k, and I might still if I can get instruments that work smoothly with my Pixel 2 phone. Though having over $3k still in my savings is sweet too. :+1:


If you have a Pixel 2 and an (Android) Wear-compatible smartwatch, you’re probably not going to be in the market for a Samsung phone and watch. But I have a Galaxy Note 8 and a Galaxy Gear S3 Frontier watch and find the combination great. Since the watch is running Tizen, no Android Wear apps will work on the phone but any app notification on the phone shows up on my watch (and “View on Phone” for follow-up is the most response possible from the watch for most Android apps except the Samsung apps designed to go with the watch, E-mail, Contacts, Calendar, Reminders, etc). I have set the watch to vibrate on notification as well as display the notification and I think I could have notifications sound an alert, too, if I wanted. The fitness/sleep monitoring functions of the watch are pretty good, I can read and reply to e-mail and text messages (“finger writing” on the watch face letter by letter works for me!), but the best part is Samsung MST payment (in addition to NFC), which allows me to pay with my watch at ~90% of credit card terminals (unfortunately, MST is being left out of newer Samsung watches). Since our credit card info has been stolen a number of times in the last few years, I like not having to hand my credit card over to anyone as much as I can avoid it. I can actually answer phone calls on my watch thru BT to the phone and if I’d gotten the LTE version of the watch, I could use the watch as a phone entirely independently of the phone if I were willing to pay $10 extra per month for a personal number. Will have to look into whether the watch could be used as a microphone and the HA’s as receivers with a streamer or with direct Android compatibility when it arrives. That would be cool. And save fiddling with either the streamer or my phone. Don’t mean to divert the thread. Just want to point out that since smartwatches can function as phones directly, that might be the ultimate icing on the cake to look for in evaluating HA/phone compatibility/utility as teejayess is doing. Hope it becomes a killer feature for (Samsung!) phones/watches in the future! P.S. - Forgot to say my Gear S3 Frontier gets 2.5 to 3 days of battery life, too. Not as good as a Fitbit, but pretty good.


Will look forward to hearing how that test goes. Both your experience and Bryan9’s make the ReSound Forte’s or any forthcoming Made for Android version at the same level sound real enticing - and AFFORDABLE!


I would walk into the place in the All-Around program, with Speech Clarity set to help pull speech out of the din. Then maybe try Restaurant with its various choices once you’re settled.


@jim_lewis Yes, a Pixel 2 XL phone and LG Watch Sport with Android Wear, NFC chip with Google Pay, and a SIM card for data if away from phone (no phone calls), all app notifications from phone, can use SMS, Google Assist works for voice reply transcribed as text. I really like this combo. I had a Samsung Galaxy S4 Active with a Galaxy Gear 2 Neo watch. That S4 phone never got a OS update of any kind from Samsung, so within four months, it was one android version behind, and in the two years I used it, it was three versions behind.

I do not consider your thoughts about phone and smartwatch off topic at all, since that is my interest as well. I’d like simple functions like changing programs available from the watch. The Starkey Halo IQ and app did that on my watch when I had the 3 day demo, but no way to stream music or calls.

As I stated, I will consider iPhone MFI, but only after Sept / Oct to see what the Android direct HA support looks like when released, and how long it will take to get HAs that work, via firmware update (I hope, though doubtful) or the new Quattro (even better if available through Costco).

@x475aws That is the plan, to try various app adjustments in a tough listening environment to see what and how they work. I’m a tinkerer with a “show me what this does” attitude, enjoy testing different features to experience the results.

I have to say, the All-Around works really well in almost all situations, that is a testament to ReSound sound processing philosophy! The other programa are Music, Outdoor, and Restaurant. I’ve tried different programs and setting as I stand in line at a store, on the bus, busy street corner, at a park playground. So far only the Music program is essential to me when at home with the stereo going, the difference with minimal compression and feedback suppression, with high end sounds restored is wonderful. I have a huge collection of jazz and blues, many old night club recordings. The sound of brushes on cymbals is so subtle, now I hear them.


That’s really good to know. My wife and I both play drums, and the cymbals have been the most challenging part for me. Getting my first aids 3 years ago helped a lot, but I still struggle with the hi-hat. If you’re hearing brushes, that seems very promising.


So, no penultimate test yet in the noisy joint?


I did go on Sunday afternoon, that is always rowdy. It was really tough! The line was long to get in, they have a large outside patio with multiple speakers playing music, interrupted by pickup order announcements, and about 30 tables, most were full. It took me about 15 minutes in line to get to the cashier to order, first half outside, second half inside. All that time I kept trying different setting in the app. Once I got inside,I almost bailed out, it was so chaotic with all the voices, pickup order announcements, cooks yelling back and forth, hip hop music on multiple stereo speakers, customers talking or yelling at the football games on TV. :anguished:

When I got to the cashier I had no trouble hearing her voice to order, and the questions she asked about choices, using All Around with Noise Filter. That surprised me, I expected to have to ask her to repeat, but never did, her voice came through completely clear and understandable. Once I ordered it only took about 5 minutes for my order pickup, I heard that broadcast clearly through the noise. I did go outside to eat, nice sunny afternoon, and less noise. Overall, the ReSounds did their job, letting me hear the voices I wanted to hear clearly in an extreme noise situation. Two thumbs up!

I started with the All Around program. The Noise Filter option helped, the Speech Clarity just made the entire sound a cacophony of loud sounds, like at jungle at night turned up to 11! The Restaurant setting did not work well in this chaotic setting. I tried Noise Filter - a little better, Speech Focus - no way, too many voices too loud!, Hear Everyone - the worst option of all five I tried, just an immersion in total noise! I will try other eating places, this is the most demanding of anywhere I would go.

The other test was riding the bus home yesterday afternoon. I have two choices or routes, I picked the one with the bigger bus. At that time of day, we have grade and high school kids going home, college age students, homeless getting to the shelters, downtown workers going home. It usually fills to capacity, about 40-50 people I’d guess. Many voices talking. Then there is the diesel bus engine, and the air conditioning fans blowing, doors opening and closing, beeps at the ramp goes up and down, or the bus “kneels” at stops. Again, I found the All Around with Noise Filter worked best IF I wanted to hear. :hear_no_evil: I actually prefer streaming jazz with the mics muted, much more pleasant.

I’m not real pleased with the Phone Clip+ streaming. I get a strange artifact every so often, digital warble, I’d call it. I’ve tried different volume levels on the phone and the PC+, it is still there. I still have the bass domes. I’m beginning to think that regular headphones, like Bose noise cancelling that will go over my ears and the HAs might be the best choice for music and quiet. I was also told by two people on phone calls that there was a clicking sound that was annoying, I do not hear it of course.

I have other comments, questions, issues with the Phone Clip+, but I think I will start another thread to discuss that. I’ve search the forum for all the Phone Clip+ threads and none address what I experience.


Thanks to you and Bryan9 and all the other folks who have chimed in for all the good info on the ReSound Forte performance - and the service available through Costco. I’m sure it will help a bunch of us make informed purchasing choices. I’ll have to hunt around to see if anyone on this forum has evaluated the Multi Mic performance because if I go for ReSound HA’s, I think I’d want one of those as well as a Phone Clip+ (and a TV/audio center streamer!)


You and everyone are welcome for what I can offer in feedback, glad to give back to this community,

This forum was such a huge assistance in finally getting HAs after my fits and restarts with different clinics. I was so uninformed when I started this journey, assuming that an audiologist would educate and inform me the way all my health care professionals have done so patiently in the past four years, cancer, broken leg, physical therapy, cataract surgery, dental work. I’ve been blessed with some incredible people caring for me.

The audiology clinic experience is more akin to purchasing an automobile, not a particularly pleasant experience, until I found the Costco HIS / fitter. My HA experience is now like all my other medical assistance, excellent.

I’m using the Phone Clip+ with the Avantree Oasis bluetooth streamer that I got before my HA quest. I used it with different BT headphones, and really like it. The use with the PC+ is not the best, since my BT connection is the SBC protocol and not the AptX low latency that my BT headsets use, so I need to use the Lip Sync setting in my Vizio TV. I may get the TV streamer as well but I’ll try work through the issues with the PC+ first.

One good feature I’m finding with the PC+ is that it will pair with 8 devices, and can pair with two simultaneously. I can have my phone and Avantree streamer both connected, watch TV with sound in my HAs, and if a call comes to the phone, the TV sound mutes and I can take the phone call.


In retrospect, if you don’t like to hear all the sounds around you, the OPN “open” paradigm may be a challenge for you to deal with. So it seems like you’ve found a better option for yourself here.


Interesting thoughts Volusiano, I always appreciate your comments. That did occur to me.

I wonder if this was a case of jumping in with both feet from the high tower too soon, given that was day 3 of new HAs at 100% target, and likely the most demanding hearing conditions one would encounter, outside of a real emergency or disaster. Or was it the difference in a HA brand sound processing approach?

The link that x475aws above makes me believe that the ReSound processing is based on an “open” vs tunnel vision philosophy, though maybe not quite as open as Oticon OPN.

I called Hearing Revolution / Hearing Care Solutions (one and the same) yesterday to cancel the OPN 1 order, knowing that clinic would never give me the level of service I had received by the Costco HIS. The reason I gave them, was poor communications with the fitter, not wanting to bad mouth the clinic. They asked for more details, so I gave them the full story, thinking it might save others the poor treatment in the future. They offered to try another clinic, and said they had other options. I told them I was working with Costco for now, they were actually happy that I was getting help, and asked me to call in the future if anything changed.

To be honest, I am still very curious abou the OPN 1 HAs. However, now with having 6 months to trial these, and knowing about the ReSound Quattro, I’m just waiting until at least Sept / Oct to see what Google does before I make any changes. I already have enough frustrations with Android and the Phone Clip+ that iPhone is appealing. I walked past an Apple store yesterday and almost went in.

My earlier idea of trialling both at the same times, 2 weeks alternating brands was ridiculous I realize now.


do you own phone clip and multi mic both?


No, just the Phone Clip+.


If it has only been 3 days then it was probably too much too soon. I was overwhelmed with my OPN 1 for a good months before I could learned to acclimatize to noisy surrounding.


Can you detail those frustrations? I was under the impression that you liked the Phone Clip.


The Phone Clip+ shortcomings are coming more clear as days progress, today is day 7. I need / want certain notifications from my phone.

I get an up-the-musical-scale doot-doot-ding in each aid, then a pause, then the notification beep in each aid (the phone app sound is lost in the time delay), then a pause, then 1-4 beeps in each aid going back to current program elected. This process takes ~3-6 seconds (my inner geek timed it).

I know this is the phone notifications. I have my phone set to notify me for certain emails, text messages, calendar reminders, medication reminders. This interruption occurs as the phone sends data to the Phone Clip+, connects to the aids, sounds the notification (doot-doot-ding) then the beep back to the aids picking up sound directly from their mics. I turned off the sounds, keeping vibrations on the phone, and do not get that interruption, except for a couple apps that do not honor the no sound setting.

It is the time delay of the change from sound coming from the HA mics, to send sound from the Phone Clip+ to HAs, then switching back to the sound from HA mics again, and the fact that I have gotten 6-10 beeps in each aid during that process. Definitely annoying.


That performance is typical, but the Phone Clip+ probably has the best overall performance. The Signia/Rexton device responds a little quicker but you still don’t get the very short notifications, and the overall connection and performance of the Signia/Rexton device (Oticon uses the same device) is not as good as the Phone Clip+.

I have the Phonak Compilot II and it has a solid connection and is comparable to the Phone Clip+ in response speed, maybe slightly quicker.


Thanks Don. Yes, I understand that it is apparently the best device intermediary like this. The few seconds of total sound interruption when this happens is what is most annoying. Whether normal HA use, on a call, streaming music or podcast to HA, watching TV via speakers or BT streaming to HA, it just cuts out all other sounds.

I think this is an Android phone issue that might be solved with the iPhone MFI feature, or maybe if and when Google gets their direct HA support (and what aids can utilize that ability). I was planning to wait untill Sept or Oct after Google announces new hardware and software updates, and to know more about the ReSound Quattro. I may try an iPhone sooner than that, they offer a 14 day trail with full refund.

As I’ve stated, I used regular earbuds or headphones, before I got my HAs, and they worked well. Using those, the sound would lower slightly, no notifications sounds, just a slight volume change, NOT a complete sound blockout. Also I miss the ability to start and stop music / podcast with the earbud touch controls and not have take the phone out of pocket, turn the phone on, and stop the music app playing.

I knew I had to adjust my brain to hearing long undetected sounds again. I had no idea I had to radically change my smartphone use and music / podcast listening. I’m becoming a cranky curmudgeon! :roll_eyes: