New KS8 vs. Forte 8 and Zerena

Currently using the Trax42. Have been okay with them (not thrilled) for 3 years. Speech in noise could be better.

Anyone with Forte 8 and the Zerenas (available through Costco) that can provide feedback? I like the idea of streaming directly to my HA’s without an accessory around my neck, so I’m thinking of one these aids. Just hoping for a little feedback before going to look to the store.


I am also looking to upgrade to one of those three. The KS8 is sure the least expensive, would go with that one barring bad reports about it (and have not really heard any yet, but it’s brand new).

The best starting point is to do walkarounds with the various brands. It will at least give you a starting point for decision making.

Is it usual for Costco to have “demos” of all the units, so you can do the walk around? Last weekend when I did my test and order, there was not a KS7 to try.

whahuh: Costco Canada does things differently. I think you have to buy it and try it. They don’t seem to stock either. I mean really…your own house brand and it has to be ordered in and wait a couple weeks?

I remember a conversation about this. It seem provincial laws prevent doing it.

Yeah. OP was talking about KS8 and Ken’s “walk around” didn’t jive.
Glad you popped up.
But then you always do…

I just always have to remind myself that most of the discussion here is US-centric generally oblivious to the rest of the world. Read something and think to myself…yeah…not here.
As for “always do”…I spend a lot of time researching and planning for a large-scale reno or whatever else crosses my brain. I leave the tab open and the site does an auto-refresh and tells me that a new post or more have been posted. I click over and have a look and respond if I feel like it.

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Actually, I was replying to US posters. If I’d noticed a maple leaf, I’d have answer differently as I did when queried. I’ll admit I might not notice country at times but that isn’t ignoring the difference or denigrating country of origin.

I also don’t carry a chip on my shoulder about nationality, Z.

Oh hey KenP none of that was directed at you or anyone in particular. This IS a US site. It WILL be more focused on US interests. I would venture to guess that the vast majority of people here are US’ians. That’s the facts of life. We furiners just need to keep remembering that.

Oh c’mon Ken, no one is attacking you here. My question, even as I read it again, was re; Costco, stock, policy and walk around. Pretty tame. Pretty non confrontational.

Yes. After her exam at the Costco Santa Cruz store, she was fitted with a demo pair to walk around the store. A few weeks later, she ordered the pair she had tried on (Resound Forte 8). Two months later, she’s quite pleased.

Thanks for the feedback. Tried the Forte 8 and decided to give it a go. Will get them next. Hopefully they will work out.

A little late but here is a review of the same 3 aids (KS8 vs Forte8 vs Zerena) I posted in another (Resound Forte 8 feedback fail) thread:

The fitter had pre-programmed all 3 products for me to try. He had also started over with the Resound and though there was still too much feedback (using open domes), it was much improved. The KS8’s had no feedback with open domes but the sound was very inferior to the Resound. Overall sound was lacking detail, highs were too high and loud noises (like a shopping cart rolling over a crack in the floor) too loud (with overall volume OK) and I had trouble determining the location of the sounds. The Bernafon’s sounded surprisingly good and had no feedback with open domes, but the sound was not quite as rich as the Resounds. The app was also very interesting with some ITTT smart device integration. Back to the Resounds - we tried tulip domes but it would not stay in my right ear (I have a weird canal and this has happened with tulip domes before). The final fix was larger open domes and a re-calibration of the feedback setting. I ordered the Resounds.

Thanks for the information. I agree with much of your review. I tried the Resound and the Bernafon in the store before I chose the Resound. I have the 2015 Trax42 now, so I think they are going to be very close to the KS8. My feeling is the feedback control with the Rexton is far less than reliable after 3 years of wearing them, even with custom ear molds.

The sound on the Resound was much more rich than the Bernafon. The fitter said that the Bernafon typically had less power and required stronger receivers to get the same effect as the Resound. The fitter also stated that the customer support from Resound was better than that of Bernafon, so that was another factor. I have only her word on that, so if you feel that is incorrect, I would be interested to know.

I’ll let everyone know how the Resound go. I got the 312 version that doesn’t have T-coil. I can count the number of times I have used t-coil on one hand in the past 8 years, so not important to me. If the battery life sucks, I will switch to the 13 version.

I’ll be on domes for a short time, as the HA’s are going to come before my new ear molds. It is likely that any feedback issues that come up with Resound (if there are any) will be managed by the domes.

Costco has a nice long trial period, so if I don’t like them, I will try the Zerena.



To confuse the issue further…

Each company provides a “first fit” setting. These seem all over the ballpark. Because the new sounds are such a shock, many go with a comfort setup to start off. So, some of the variation you’ll see on the walk-around trials can be overcome or changed by a good fitter. It is why they are so important to our success.


Hi whahuh and all, Finally, a brief update on Les’s Costco hearing aids. The return of the KS 7s just showed up in our bank account, so we are ready to try the 8s beginning with a second hearing exam this Friday. (Comparing several HAs isn’t possible at our Costco since they don’t store them.) We’ve been instructed to either see an ENT specialist for cleaning or to use an ear wax remover twice daily for several days prior to the exam. I’d like to know how many of you use Murine and how often.

Having read a few of you today, we are now concerned about the quality of sound on the KS 8s. One of you much preferred the sound quality of Resound. My husband and I listen to books and music most days. He found the sound of the KS 7s either inaudible or intolerably “buzzy.”

We are content with the manager and hearing aid assistant at our store. You’ll hear from us after Les can hear again which we trust will be soon. (He has no aids at present because we didn’t want to risk going beyond the allotted time for return.) You guessed it; I’m back to repetition and shouting. We’re waiting and hoping for the arrival of KS 8s with Telecoil. Why not?! The accompanying size 13 batteries are larger but should last longer, right? We spend most of our time at home these days, so clarity and, as one of you wrote about the Resounds, richness of sound trump (surely there must be a better word) vanity. Mrs. S

Thank you for the update @gnnls1. You are in Canada, correct?
A curious point; you were required to return the KS7 before receiving the KS8?

No, but you do have to pay for the 2nd set which might be an unwelcome cash flow situation. When I did it, I used a credit card and ordered them just after a billing period ended and the refund hit for the earlier pair didn’t affect my payment cycle.

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To whahuh with thanks also to KenP and Evil Scientist,

We’re in the Twin Cities. No, we didn’t have to return them, but since our return deadline was around the end of April, I wanted the deed done before starting over. We chose to return them a couple of months ago, but all communications take time and, once into April, I was getting mildly concerned.

I really think Les should try the Resound, but the price is scary for their premium aids. Hoping for good sound from the KS 8s. Mrs. S