New Ion user questions

I have been using Sonic Innovation Ions for a few months now and have noticed a distinct improvement in my hearing on the high end. While I have had a few simple problems, my biggest concern is the harshness of some of the tones I get from the device. Especially some of the higher sounds seem really harsh. I have checked with my audiologist and he says that is just the nature of HA’s. Is this true? If I have to endure this to have the benefits, I can live with it. Are there other devices that factor out those things better? I am really new at this and don’t know what to expect. Thanks for your comments.

I love using the Ions, because the sound quality and clarity is very good. Yet for some customers, it can be a little harsh. Yet, if it is bearable, most customers prefer being able to understand better than to have the instruments toned down in the highs and then lose performance.

Sometimes, though, they can be adjusted with both clarity and comfort. To accomplish this properly, though, you really should have the Ions on and have the audi perform a hearing in noise test and start toning down the highs without affecting your understanding in noise. Once the understanding starts dropping off, we then would know the reductions of highs is starting to affect audibility.

Have your audi give it a try.

I will get with my audiologist and see if he will practice a little with me. So far he has only done adjustments according to the printout and the standard levels. I am hearing much better but I would like a little more…guess I’m greedy.