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Siemens Vibe™. It’s all about self-expression.

It’s the first hearing instrument that fits personalities — and ears. Not only will your patients be able to hear more clearly, they’ll look good doing it. With a selection of snap-on covers, Siemens Vibe can change to match their style. And, with its revolutionary in-the-crest fit, it goes where no hearing instrument has gone before. Tuck it in and they’re set. Siemens Vibe. It’s time to live out loud.

To learn more stop by the Siemens booth #1825 or visit

Unitron Hearing—

Unitron Hearing will be introducing Next – a series of four, truly exceptional hearing instruments that redefines everything you need to succeed in the advanced through essential categories. Next is success for everyone – from performance to counseling, from fitting to living.

be by ReSound

Not a BTE-not an ITE- be by ReSound is an entirely new form factor you have to see to believe. Stop by booth 605 to learn how be by ReSound will change the way you fit hearing instruments.

That is crazy!!!..not a very comprehensive site yet though

I agree, the site is just marketing “fluff”. They should update it one the product is launched though.

this is the wiered hearing aid I HAVE ever seen in my life…

men siemens people are nuts or what

Xbulder, Could you actually see more info on it than just the Crazy dancing people and annoying music?

They need to fire whoever decided to do that website and let that url be released to the public.

this is what siemens had release, I saw a small picture of the instrument
it looks real crazy…
When I said crazy I say… either 1 or 2 things
a) It will be a complete disaster for siemens, biggest flop and therefore
it will blow up in their face
B) complete success-
I will like to see what features- from the audi,His perspective point of view
other than its rather unique form…

As a HI professional I like to see companies try new things, develop new concepts. I guess we will find new week @ AAA, ill try to take a pics
from the show…

It will be nice if admin can post pics for the members to see

you can see a picture here

do you guys think?

It seems to me that it would have to smaller than the ReSound dot series to fit in the ear like that - and thus require a new battery smaller than a size 10. With my dexterity, 10 is about as small as I’d want to go.

You’d think that it would give you the benefit of an open fit aid - no occlusion, with the alleged benefit of microphone placement in the ear. I say alleged because from my reading of stuff about ITE versus BTE, I don’t know if anything’s definitive that mics in the ear are better than mics on or behind the ear.

I’d think that feedback management would be a concern since you end up placing the mic and receiver closer together than in a BTE open fit receiver in canal aid.

I’d have to get some new shirts to color-coordinate with the cases! And they need a better green for St. Patty’s Day.:stuck_out_tongue:

would you drop top dollars for it?

I tried the Siemens Triano several years ago and hated the sound quality compared to the Widex Diva. For that reason alone, I doubt I’d spend top dollar for it. The be by ReSound in your original post leads me to think that they have something like it in the works, too. If it had the capability to do the “natural directionality” like the dot, it would certainly interest me.

I think it is very clever!

Looks like a piece of ear jewellry to me with colour co-ordination! Ithink it will be a winner with the younger set! Suitable name too!

Predict a winner!

I am one of the younger crowd, and I don’t think that I would wear it. My loss is too bad for any kind of open fit anyway, but if it werent I dont think I would wear it. It just looks…strange. There is nothing wrong with strange…but that`s just me!:stuck_out_tongue:

given the size of the instrument, i just dont see space to put for example
2 microfones,

I like it. No different than all these people walking around with their bluetooth earpieces all the time. I just wonder about the fit, and how well it would stay in the ear. Course, I couldn’t wear it because my hearing would probably be too bad for it.

The appearance is definately aimed at a younger audience. The funny thing is that the average age of the hearing aid purchaser is actually getting older – currently 71 years. In 2004 it was 69.5 years.
Naturally the average age will lower at some point but right now I laugh each time I see these manufacturers aiming their design at even younger age groups.

With more of us younger Boomers in our early 50’s with aids, and as we share information with our friends and families, you’ll start to see the average age drop, I suspect.

If your statistic is correct (which I find hard to believe), I would say one big reason is the escalating cost of HA’s. Most older people have the free cash flow to invest in aids, while younger folks don’t. Just 10 years ago, I was able to purchase aids from audi’s for $500, now the minimum is $1200 for very basic aids. If you want the best, then you have to expect to pay at least $3000. Moore’s law doesn’t seem to apply to HA. :mad:

In my part time I develop web sites. And a pet peeve of mine is music you can’t switch off. I imagine it would be an even bigger pet peeve if I were hard of hearing.

This web site is one. The Starkey Charity web site is another. And even the site for Board Certification has music that you can’t turn off looping the whole time.

I’m sure I speak for many of the hard of hearing community when I say that there is no need for pointless noise on these kinds of web sites. And frankly, Siemens, Starkey and the BC should know better.