New Implant being developed in Germany

Niel Bauman who sends me a monthly ezine from his Center of Hearing Loss Help, reports in the latest issue that a new implant is being developed in Germany. It is a simple surgery, and unlike Cochlear Implants, does not destroy the residual hearing in the implanted ear. Essentially it involves simply slitting open the ear drum and implanting a tiny transducer next to the round window. Alas this forum does not allow me to post a URL for this, but you can read about it by putting " round window hearing aid implant" into your search engine and clicking on Hearing Loss Help in the choices that come up. Looks promising. It is going into clinical trials next year.

Just reading this now. This is very exciting news…very exciting to see technology keep advancing. Wouldn’t it be wonderful some day for a little outpatient surgery and hearing is restored!? Or the hearing “hairs” can be regrown? I hope one day our hearing aids look like Washington’s wooden teeth…generations will wonder how we ever wore these things!

The story is also discussed in Science Daily, April 2, 2013. The title of the article is “Regaining Proper Hearing At Last”. For now, I will hold out on getting a Cochlear Implant. This technology may replace CIs.

Even so the technology will be unreachable for most people. It is going to be very expensive, I am sure I will not have anything better than I got now. It will take years before is developed and affordable

sounds cool

This appears to be a middle ear implant which would only help people who just need amplification as opposed to the electro-stimulation provided by cochlear implants.

But it does seem more powerful than those middle ear implants on the market. The surgery is certainly simpler. I wonder if a hybrid cochlear implant could be combined with this for those who have high frequency dead areas. I say this because a completely implanted but hybrid CI would be a welcome development.

That’s an interesting article, thanks for posting it. I agree with other posters here, that hearing technology is racing ahead!