New here, first time HA


I have been diagnosed with hearing loss, after 2 years of hearing problems, before that my hearing was allways briliant. The doctor in hospital told me I should be fitted with hearing aids, because I have sensorineural hearing loss in progress and it will be worse during the time… I cant hear clock ticking, whisper, quiet conversation, i cant understand people in crowd, cricket, i sometimes misunderstood what people say… Tomorow i have apointment with audio and have to pick up hearing aids for testing. But i have no clue what to expect, which aids to choose, i am totaly new in this… I am 45 years old, do you people have any advice for me?
Thank you and i am sorry for my bad english…


Your loss is not severe. Well adjusted hearing aids should help. See what you think of the audiologist and whatever hearing aids he/she recommends. Money is often an issue. If they seem overly expensive, there are other options. Be clear on how long you have to trial them. Also, expect that certain sounds will seem incredibly loud. Welcome to the forum and I think your English is quite good.


Welcome to the forum.

Make sure you ask your Aud all the questions you can think of or things you don’t understand.
Ask for a trial of several different brands, as each brand sounds different and the brand I like you may think is awful.
Trial the brand your Aud suggests but don’t be afraid to say I don’t like the sound from these.
If you live in a hot humid country ask your Aud for a UV drying kit.
Good luck with your trial.


Thank you both for your respond. Today I have been fitted with Unitron moxi fit T700. A little bit strange filing, but I have no problem wearing aids all day long. They are very small, I can hardly feel it, sounds are a bit louder and some of them are “new” to me, but nothing dramatical. Audio fitted hearing aids on 70% of my audiogram, i have to go back in two weeks and minewhile i have to observe what i can hear or not hear… Than he will fitt the aids correctly and proper to my observation… If you see my audiogram, what sounds I should be hear? I stil can not hear ticking the clock or whispering… I am very lost in all this hearing situation, I have been diagnosed few days ago and i dont know anything about hearing aids and all this stuff…
Thank you


Two weeks of your trial period won’t be well-spent at 70% prescription if you aren’t hearing anything dramatic and aren’t being challenged. I suggest that you crank up the volume, to the maximum setting if that’s tolerable. The aids will return to the preset volume when they’re shut off, so you’ll have to raise the volume every time you put them in. Also, make an appointment for sooner than two weeks, to get them adjusted closer to your prescription.


You definitely have a hearing loss, but it is only a mild one. Some people do not notice enough benefit to warrant the expense. Absolutely get them on a trial basis and there should be no or very minimal fee for the trial. I suggest not "cranking them ;up to the ;maximum. If they irritate you, you will not wear them. If you like them after a couple of weeks, you will like them even more after a couple of months. I have had many patients with your loss that absolutely love their instruments. I have also had some that did not notice enough difference to warrant the expense…hence the trial period.


Thank you very much for your respond, i was told that i have mild to moderate hearing loss, specialy in high frequency, and i know that i can still function normal with my hearing, but i have problem hearing in the crowd, quit conversation, birds, cricket, clock, i have problems in my job hearing instructions on meetings, high frequency bells that signs for job to do, telephone voice are mumbling and so on. I like to clear that sounds for me because i need to hear propertly in many situations and not hearing well is realy bothering me and i am a bit frustrared…
With hearing aids are some benefits, but not what I expected, stil not hearing particulary sound that i need to hear… Would it be better when audio sets fitting to 100% or not so?
I am realy confused.


Your aids will provide more benefit at 100% prescription than at 70% prescription. It’s customary to start out below 100% because many new users would be overwhelmed by “new” sounds if they started out at 100%. But you’re _under_whelmed and frustrated by your aids at 70%, so it makes sense to speed up the adaptation process for you IMO. You have a volume control and there’s nothing wrong with cranking it up, since you can always back it down if it’s too loud. See if a louder volume setting gives you the sounds you’re missing. If it does and the overall effect is just a bit overwhelming, see if you can live with it. The more time you spend hearing new sounds, the sooner you’ll get used to them, and the more benefit you’ll get from the aids. I’m a new user too (7 months now), and in the first weeks I pushed my audiologist to speed the adaptation process.


Thank you, but my aids dont have any volume control, they are automatic and selfadyusting in diferent envoirement… I will go back and ask to addjust them at 100%…now it is a litle bennefits, but not as i expect.


Is there a button that can be programmed as a volume control?


No, no button. They are automatc and they addopt themselwes to the 5 different environment and settings have been done with computer by audio


Hallo, now i have settings on 100% and now i hear much better, even whispering, birds and speech is very clear, even in noisy places. I am very happy, but one thing still bothering me… I still cant hear clock ticking… Should i try some other aids or is it anything else to do with settings? Or should i just forget about clock and i will never hear this sound again?
Thank you for responding


I’d say better part of valor is to forget about hearing ticking clock unless hearing it brings you great joy. I’m guessing that there’s a pretty good chance that the aids could be adjusted to let you hear a clock, but it very well might bring up other issues you don’t like.


lol. I don’t have ticking clocks for that exact reason. Can’t stand the constant rhythmic noise. And that was before I got HA’s.


How about hearing car turn signals?! My wife is always on my case when I forget to turn off a turn signal, don’t see the light flashing on the dashboard but she can hear the “Click, Click,…” sound - drives her crazy plus her fear that some other oncoming or sidestreet driver will take for granted the turn signal indication and we’ll have an accident because of that.

So for me, the turn signal “fix” will be one of the tests of my hearing aids. That and hearing the high-pitched squeal of our home alarm system when I enter the house. Being an easily distracted, easy-to-tire oldster, I sometimes enter our house, forget the alarm system is on, don’t hear the alert squeal so well, and am slow to turn it off.

So if I can hear turn signals and the alarm system alert sounds like a roar when I get my HA’s (soon), I’ll be a happy camper, at least for starters.


Hallo again, i am still testing my unitron moxi and i am pretty satisfied with them. The audi fits me with closed domes, because i have small ear canel and open domes didnt fit in so well, i constantly have feed back anoying sounds and ssshhhhh sounds. Now those sounds are gone, i can hear pretty well even whispering, birds, understanding is great and so on, but have those closed feeling in my ears and feeling, that the volume is a little bit quiet… Is this normal, should audi set the volume a bit louder or this is it? Those aids dont have any volume control, its all in settings…
Thank you very much for your response