New here, and am curious about pairing Linx2 921 with multiple apple devices


I’m new to hearing aids, and am currently trying a single Linx2 921 in my left ear after a bout with sudden hearing loss 5 months ago. After steroid treatments I gained 10dB, plus went from 68% WRS to 100 WRS. Not a complete recovery, but better than nothing.

My audi suggested 2 HA’s though I am undecided. For now I’m trying one, and will probably try two to see if the improvement is worth it. I tend to listen to a lot of podcasts, and I can hear just fine with an earbud in my “good” ear. If I get 2 HA’s I’m stuck with streaming thru bluetooth directly into the HA.

I was able to try pairing the Linx2 to my iPad. My iPhone is too old, though I already have plans to upgrade to the 6 or 6S when it comes out. Would I be able to pair with an iPhone 6 for phone calls and using the ReSound app, plus pair with an iPod nano for streaming audio? I tend to listen for a few hours a day and prefer to the quick controls on the nano than the more complicated ones on the iPhone (you have to pull it out of your pocket and look at it). With a nano I can click the correct button by feel. I can’t test this because I have an old nano that doesn’t have bluetooth.

I guess this hearing aid business is giving me a good excuse to upgrade my apple products.

The Linx2 can certainly be paired with multiple iOS devices(up to 5) but of course can only connect with one at a time. You will need an iPod touch 5th generation to use it with an iPod. I had mine paired with my iPhone5s, iPad Air2 and iPod touch. I found the best way to get them to connect was to turn off Bluetooth on the other devices and turn it on in the device you wish to use.