New hearing test - New hearing aids


I think it’s basically how the audiogram is viewed. If it’s seen as a service that is provided, then it’s likely billed. If it’s seen as marketing, then it’s “free.” Kind of like contractors who give free estimates. They’re trying to generate business. Some that have all the business they can handle will charge for an estimate.


If they have asked for my health id card then I would agree. I don’t remember about a couple of my tests. I’ve been to Miracle Ear, Connect Hearing, a hospital, Costco and also yet another medical clinic (that was an unpleasant experience so I forgot about it but will be asking them for my audiogram). The hospital and medical clinic almost certainly would have required my id card. I don’t recall anybody else asking for it. @whahuh says they didn’t need it when he recently went to a Costco. That would suggest that a hearing test itself is not covered by our public health.

But there you are saying that an audiologist has to pay overhead. Why can’t you allow them to charge you something for the service? Your law apparently says they have to provide you the RESULTS at no or little charge. But as you say they have overhead to pay.

Edit: Also, there are only 2 jurisdictions in Canada that pay for HA’s. The rest offer help for low income people. Beyond that you’re on your own. Many people have some insurance through their employer that might cover them.

MDB: I agree. It goes to my previous ramblings in other threads about how I think the business model should be more a la carte.


Personal ID, no. Costco card when I ordered and paid for the KS7, yes.


No, all they wanted was my Costco card and money, just like when I buy spuds. At least where I am, there is no Government assistance. Unless you are ON assistance.


It depends on the state. Some states says that it should be a reasonable fee. In 2013, she was paid thousands of dollars for those widex aids l had and would not give me a discounted fee or free hearing aid test!


I didnt believe my recent hearing aid test the last time that were 20 dB higher so l went back to the same audiologist. This time she used the warp test tones and it was more in line with my previous audiogams from 750 Hz to higher. 2 years ago l was able to hear the 250 Hz at 85db. Today was at 100 dB. I asked her if it was due to age related hearing loss and she said no. She adviced that the CI is the best option to hear speech. I plan on buying the new Phonak Naida B 90 UP aids which will help with hearing environment sounds. It wont help me listen to speech since my WR is zero. I am 90 percent speech reading and 10 percent sounds. The Phonak Naidas will be the last hearing aids to buy.


I may be mistaken but I thought they were required to provide you with a copy of your audiogram. That would be a huge red flag for me.


Do you have access to a university audiology dept anywhere near? I’d drop that audi like a hot potato.


Run, don’t walk to another audiologist!


But you’ll no doubt save that and more purchasing other things. JMO.


The audiologist showed me the previous audiogram and today’s audiogram. I don’t need to have a copy of the audiogram because l am almost totally deaf. Its at 100 to 110 dB range across all frequencies. I don’t know why my 250 Hz is at 100 dB now, when 2 years ago, it was 85 dB.
I do not listen to music.


Is a cochlear implant something you are considering?


Not at this time. When l no longer can hear with any hearing aids then l will look at CI.
Also other audiologists l had in the past only offered free HA adjustments the first year. This audiologist l visited recently offers 3 years of HA adjustments along with 3 years warranty. If HA is lost or unrepairable, l can get a replacement with a 450 dollar deductable. I will get a Phonak Naida V90 UP on eBay as a loaner.