New hearing test - New hearing aids


Terost: I kinda twigged on their point of you having had a cerumenectomy done as well as the test. Consultation and Office Visit brings on a sarcastic grin. So you didn’t JUST have a test. They did a medical procedure on you as well.
Sure, if you went in there and got a test and that was it then yeah a charge would be a rip-off. But maybe they should have said it’s a fee for a medical procedure. Here’s your audiogram by the way. Thanks for coming in. Or maybe you think of it that way as a justification to pay and then never darken their door again.
But I wasn’t there and I’m no expert so whatevs.


The audiologist cleaned my ears and did a hearing test. I asked if she does REM and she does not. I am not required to buy a audiogram and they decided to take me back with my older audiograms and compare the difference. I will mark on my old audiogram so that l won’t have to ask for a copy of the recent audiogram. I will use a previous audiologist and see if l get the same results. At no time did they ask me to pay 75 dollars for the services which was free.


The last time I was at the local hair styler he asked me, if he should wash the hairs. I asked, how much will it cost? He said, that is free. I told him just to wash the hairs and I would go afterwards. No, he did it not for free.


The Phonak Naida B aids designed for adults with severe and profound hearing loss allows for the use of directional microphones even when combined with the Roger devices. It activates the directional microphones at an even lower noise level. This way, the hearing aid wearer benefits from enhanced hearing in noise nearby and over distance.


I can confirm that Costco Canada will freely give you a copy of your audiogram. I didn’t even have to ask for mine. For that matter, I also received copies from several other audiologists who tested me when I was shopping around for new hearing aids. In this neck of the woods (Ontario Canada), it’s no biggie.


I will go look for Costco. I have never been to the store. I know that it requires a membership like Sam’s Club.


I was at Costco today. They printed out my last audiogram (May 2017) without hesitation when I asked for it.


Good for you. Most of the audiologists l went will not do it for free.


I had 4 in the span of about a year or so all at different places. No one asked for money. I got audiograms one way or another at all locations. Only one was a medical office which gets covered by my local public health insurance. But they didn’t do any medical things per se. Just the test and some consult. One was an actual Aud and the other was an ENT. But it’s public health anyway so that’s moot. Two others were company stores. And, while not the last one, one was Costco where I ended up buying. The three others were not Aud’s.
So yeah good for me.


Two Costcos in the tristate area printed audiograms without hesitation and one even emailed me an electronic copy. I think you should ask again or ask an alternative audiologist at Costco (perhaps at a different location) for your records. It’s your record, your EMR, and your biodata.


I found one Costco in my area. The hearing test won’t be free because l have to pay 60 dollars for membership.


Now that there is funny!


As reported here the membership gets paid for handily.


Executive memberships are 120 dollars a year.


It really is free. You can go back to the service counter and get a full refund at any time. The executive rebates 2%. If you buy that membership and the $2500 aids you are only $500 in purchases from breaking even with the rest of the year at a discount. You also got lucky as the renewal will be close to the rebated from them and the 2% additional if you get the Costco credit card. Having both mean 4% rebate. Not too shabby.


I am a hearing aid user for the past 26 years. I am now using Widex 440 Beyond hearing aids and have no feedback issues whatsoever. In fact, these are the most natural sounding and effective hearing aids I’ve ever worn.


Good for you. In 2013, l received a pair of Widex Super 440 ric and kept getting feedback issues because of the vented earmold. It was under-powered for my profound hearing loss and sold it to a older lady 2 years later. My state vocational rehabilitation agency paid for it.


I just visited my previous audiologist that fitted me with Widex aids back in 2013. I asked her if she knows about Phonak hearing aids and she does not, mostly Resound and a little of the other brands. She also said that the cost of the new audiogram is 50 dollars. She just moved to a new location.


I don’t know. Maybe it’s you. Did she use the word “audiogram”? I can kinda see a practice wanting a little somethin’ somethin’ for the service of testing. One would then think that the actual output resultant audiogram would be included/free.
But like I and others have said…I’ve been tested 4 times and not paid anything.


Because you are in Canada. American audiologist have overhead to pay off each month.
My previous audiologist has a leased Mercedes Benz car she drives to work.