New hearing test - New hearing aids


Related: Is it legal for an audiologist to force me to pay to access a copy of my audiogram and other records?


In the US :slight_smile:


The audiogram is so short (maybe 18 numbers) that you can write it down. That gets around the photocopy charge. I agree with pvc - hang tough.


If they’re going to try to screw you on a printout, how bad do you think they’ll try to screw you on aids and services?


Hello #michaelngm,

i can share with you that I received a hearing test at Costco last week. I asked for the audiogram and was given it. Before I asked they didn’t give it to me. They had no issue with giving the audiogram to me I just found that I had to actually ask for it.


Thank you Lawrence, I will definitely ask for the audiogram.



I have seen those home hearing tests but they do not go below 90 db. I have the icube ll programming device. My aids are the 2007 starkey destiny 1200 model. I will not buy new aids with a limit of 80 db gain. The Phonak Naida B is 82 dB and it has the extra power if needed in a few years when l will lose some more hearing due to age related hearing loss. I am 63 yrs old.


What about CIs? Your hearing loss (posted in your “signature”) is really, really bad. I can’t believe that you can benefit from any new conventional HA.
And I think that’s the reason why the audiologists don’t want to give you your audiogram without a fee: They “know” that you won’t buy a HA at their office after they have seen your performance.


My new audiogram is different from the one l posted in this forum. It is about 20 dB higher and the audiologist was surprised. She did the hearing test 3 times for each test tone. I refuse to get CI implants. The most powerful HAs will benefit me more because of the new technologies. People that have CI have to be trained for all the sounds they hear and it is different from HA. Regarding the audiogram copy l wanted, l have emailed to the program administrator that the 75 dollars is not a reasonable fee.


Have you’ve worked out why it’s 20db higher? Have you had your HAs re programmed with the new audiogram? Can you still hear?


My aids are too old no need to be reprogrammed. I am investigating why its 20 dB higher. I will go to a previous audiologist for a hearing test. Also l am looking at hearing test devices.


This is the reply from the administrator of the hearing aid dealer:
Relative to the $75 fee for your audiogram, there are always exceptions to our rules, even when our client has signed and dated that they are aware that a copy of their Audiogram is $75, since your Consultation, Office Visit, Hearing Evaluation and Cerumenectomy were conducted by our audiologist at no charge to you. We believe that having you here with your prior Audiograms and any other medical notes that you may have relevant to your hearing and speech, can be reviewed together to solidify our audiologist recommendations, and answer any additional questions, for moving forward with your individualized treatment plan.


I use an android app called hearing test by works real good with closed headphones. Dont bother calibrating them, I don’t have any luck that way. It doesn’t go past 90db, but otherwise correlates pretty good with audiologist, just practice. Couldn’t find iphone one.


I tried those android hearing tests app and it didn’t work out well for me.


Not even quite sure what that reply means. I think it means they’d like you to come back one more time with any questions and prior audiograms to hope to sell you a pair of hearing aids. They might even give you your audiogram.


I tried a lot of them too, but this one worked. And its free.


They aren’t going to push me to buy the aids from them. I will go back so l will mark the differences on my old audiogram so l won’t have to ask for their copy of the most recent audiogram.


$75 for a copy of any audiogram? OUTRAGEOUS!!!


terost, thumbs up for the posts on here who are warning you that a hearing aid provider who wants to charge you $75 for a copy of your audiogram is waving a big red flag for ripoffs in your future. Chances are high, as you’ll see if you read that other thread abram_bailey linked you to, that this $75 policy violates state rules where you are. Note that these can vary from one state to another, but generally speaking, the overriding federal principle in law is that you have HIPAA rights of access to your medical record fincluding hearing tests for no more than a “reasonable” charge. The most I’ve seen for a reasonable charge is no more than two dollars per page, and usually less–nowhere close to $75 for an audiogram. And most honest providers would give you a copy of your audiogram for free.

The only company I’d consider using who does not charge for a hearing test (should run about $75-150) is Costco. I truly recommend starting over rather than using any of the mall or other chain storefront providers who give “free” hearing tests. Sometimes free is no bargain in the long run.


I think the audiologist wanted $75 for the hearing test she performed on you, not for a copy of the audiogram. I’m not an audie but if I was and someone wanted a copy of their hearing test and told me they would come back in two months to order aids, I would of done the same thing. Why should she not charge you for a hearing test when you might never come back? Pretty dumb in my book.
Costco might be able to give free hearing tests but they also already have your membership fee. Plus odds are you will buy something else while you are there. Independent audies don’t have that luxury.
$75 for the hearing test up front would get you a copy of test. To be applied to cost of hearing aids when you buy in two months sounds reasonable to me.