New hearing test - New hearing aids


I snapped a photo of mine sitting on the desk. I asked first…but maybe you can sneak a pic.


I had a new audiogram done last year which was similar to past audiograms. The new audiologist repeated the test 3 times and was surprised that it was higher than the past audiograms. I had tinnitus at the time of hearing test but it was not the same loudless as in previous hearing tests. My last hearing test was with Audibel a year ago and l asked them for a copy of the audiogram. They stated to me that they can not give me a copy because it was company policy. If l buy the new Phonak B aids, the audiogram copy is free. If l don’t buy the aids then they charge a 75 dollar fee. I haven’t purchased the Phonak Naida B aids yet because of the differences of the new audiogram vs my old audiograms. I wanted to make appointments with my previous audiologists to check if the new audiogram is similar to another new hearing test. I also have been to hearusa a few years ago and they did give me a free copy of the audiogram. It depends on the company or store policy. Regarding Widex, l had Widex ric aids with vented earmolds. I think it is the vented earmolds that cause the feedbacks. With the new Phonak Naida B aids, l will get new soft earmolds that are not vented. Regarding my hearing loss, l have nerve deafness hearing loss.


Correct, the $75 charge is the giveaway. The word Incompetent should be replaced with Crooked. The problem is that too many are interested only in making the most money. Another reason I love Costco, they are Salaried and NO commission.


Will Costco give you a free copy of your audiogram resulting from their testing? So far they have not provided me with one either back in 2012 or again last May. I didn’t ask for one, so maybe that is all it takes.


They scribbled all their quote stuff all over the page that had the hand-written audiogram on and gave that to me.


I suppose that is better than not having the audiogram at all. The only one I have is from when Kaiser Hospital tested me back in 2012. Pretty sure my hearing is much worse now, and it was terrible then.


I honestly cannot say yes. But dealing with them for the last 8 years I would guess the answer is yes. Generally if you pay for the test the results are yours and you get a copy. Costco does not charge but they have been honorable which is why I’m guessing yes.


There’s no such thing as a free hearing test. Either you are paying for it, or someone else is paying for it, but these practitioners have to put food on their table.


The audiologist does not have her own practice. She works for a couple that are HAS and co-owners of their own business. The owners set the fees. All hearing tests can’t be free as they have overhead expenses.


It is your medical records. Insist that you receive a copy of your medical records. Don’t be a wuss. Sit in their office until you get a copy and don’t leave their office until you have that copy in your hand, period. They will blink first and you will get a copy of your audiogram. It works every time.


I have tried that with most places l had hearing tests done and say sorry we cant give you a copy even of l already signed the release of medical records.


Sure there are. They are in ads and mailings along with an offer of remarkable aids for the next twenty testers with a massive cost saving.

Production cost is another story. I’ve seen claims of over $1000 at the St. Louis University.

You folks created this industry. No beefing allowed. :slight_smile:


From my audiologist:
Yes, Sound Recover2 was in the V. The B now has the slow compression and the binaural voice streaming feature so it sends the voice into both ears and not just 1 being the dominant so that individuals with severe hearing losses can have the best opportunity to understand conversations.


:stuck_out_tongue: I didn’t create it. I just have to live in it. I do what small things I can.


Sound Recover2 was in the Nadia V.
Sound Recover2 was not in the Audeo V.

That is just the beginning of negotiations. You should always expect them to say that and btw>, they are not sorry. To me that signals the beginning of the I’m-not-leaving-your-office-without-a-copy-of-my-audiogram phase.


Come to Florida and see if it will work on you.


I was able to get mine just by asking. I also bought this:

I got it to keep an eye on my changes but also to test my wife. It does not go below 90dB, but I found it very accurate against the one provided by my clinic.


One of my 4 audiograms the person showed some immediate hesitation giving it to me but she got over it.

pclewis: I recently learned about and now have used the built-in insitu test in the fitting software. I was very interested in that device when you mentioned it a while ago.
Those are the same guys that make the highly regarded analog PSAP - Bean.


Terost does not want to pay $75 for an audiogram. The costs for your solution is twice!
If Terost buys a HA then the audiogram is “for free”. I think the latter is the better choice because every audiologist will give you your audiogram in this situation.

I made my audiogram with my current HAs with the corresponding fitting-software today. It’s interesting and it matches the one my audi made (and gave me anyway). But not everyone has the neccessary hardware and technical skills for using the fitting software.


My highs came in a little better compared to the audiograms I have. I think it was because I could go back and forth all I wanted to be sure I could hear it or not over the distraction of the tinnitus.

So then spend maybe $5k for that same audiogram? :slight_smile: That’s a little more than twice.
I, for one, would be willing to pay a small fee for the service which would of course include providing the results. And etc and so on for all the other parts of the business. Consult on product, sell product, fit product, adjust product, fix product, provide consumables. With the flexibility to be able to go anywhere else that can provide any and all of those services and not have the door closed on you because you didn’t buy the product there.