New hearing test - New hearing aids


I went to a local audiologist that l have not used before and did a new hearing test. I showed her my audiogram that is posted in this forum. The posted audiogram was from 2 years ago. The audiologist was suprised and redid the hearing test tones three times. My new audiogram is about 20 db higher across the fitting range. I couldn’t post the new audiogram because they charge a 75 dollar fee for a copy of the new audiogram. I told the audiologist that l will order the new Phonak Naida B UP aids in 2 months. At that time of ordering, she said we can do another hearing test to see if its the same as the one taken today the 19th. I thought maybe my tinnitus was worse 2 years ago or that l am much calmer because l take Clonazepam .5mg daily. The Naida B has the new SoundRecover2 which is much improved over the older SoundRecover. The cost of the Naida B over the Naida V is only 200 dollars more. All the newer technologies of the aid is just 200 dollars more over the older V aids. She said that the Naida B will work with the icube II and the older Noahlink device that uses the wired plugs… The new Naida B will not work on the new noahlink wireless. Also she told me that they found out that Starkey new aids will not be supported on the new noahlink wireless. I told the audiologist that l had the widex super 440 ric aids and sold it for feedback issues. She told me all widex aids have feedback issues.


Hope you enjoy the new Phonak Naida B UP hearing aids. They look good from what I read.


I was going to buy the Phonak Naida (pair) V90 UP in eBay for 3g. The technology improvements of the Naida B 90 UP is worth paying a bit over 3g plus over the Naida V. SoundRecover2 will be a big help for my profound hearing loss than the older SoundRecover.


What exactly is the difference between Naida B and Naida V(90)? On the feature-list I can’t find any. Naida V90 is also featured with the newer SoundRecover 2. Is there a difference between “Naida V” and “Naida V90”? Is there a bad naming convention done by Phonak that I missed?


The Phonak Naida B is so new that there is little info on it. The Naida V90 is the highest technology level. You can buy the Naida V or B in 30, 50, 70 and 90. The 30 is the basic technology level with fewer features. The Naida V has the original SoundRecover program. The Naida B has the newer SoundRecover2 program and other improvements that is much better than the V versions. The Naida B versions has the slower compressions option.


The Naida V does have SoundRecover II (2). It’s not a new thing.



So the audiologist l talked to yesterday was wrong.


Naida B IS newer than V, that’s correct. And if I could buy them here in Germany, I would prefer them. But actually it is not available till today. It is not even listet on PhonakPro on the German website. It is listed on the US site. But I can’t figure out the difference between them (except the date of publication).


I think the only new thing in the Naida B is, it’s offered in rechargable option.


Ah, okay you’re right. I was just looking at the featurelist for “my” SP-model (there still is no rechargeable option). I didn’t look into details of the RIC-version. On the other hand I was expecting something like Naida B90-direct. That would be cool^W I mean, the right direction. :slight_smile:


This is the only B model with rechargeable battery. The B SP and B UP aids are not rechargeable.


Naida B improvements over the Naida V.


I remain skeptical about marketing claims of Naida B improvements over the Naida V.

Here’s the same type of marketing claims about Nadia V;
Naída V utilizes groundbreaking, dedicated features such as SoundRecover2 and the BroadbandBooster for overall increased audibility and speech understanding.


The audiologist explained to me that the older Naida models had a microphone opening in which water from rain can get into. The new Naida B models have a improved mesh cover that lets sounds in and keeps water out over the microphones.


I believe the Naida V and Naida B have the exact same casing / housing and microphones from what I’ve read.


They have the same datasheet specs. What has changed is the software in HA. Naida B UP is the better choice due to slow compression option than the Naida V.


you need a new audiologist. feedback is caused by ill fitting ear molds, not the aids themselves. And no aid is more feedback prone than another, given the same settings. That is, some aids will come programmed with more treble than another make, but the solution is to simply turn down the treble. Or another brand will have a more aggressive anti feedback, but that means you will also lose speech highs because the anti feedback is running all the time. So what you are being told, read between the lines is , “this make may tend to feedback, and I don’t knwo if it is the ear mold fit, or the programming, but I don’t want to mess with either so I will sell the consumer another aid and hope it will work.”

Trying to charge you $75 for your own medical records is a dead giveaway for an incompetent audiologist, especially when you are being fed a line about which aids are more feedback prone. You do not want to get tied up with this type of an audiologist. Go find one that knows what they are doing. I hopes that this type of audi had gone extinct long ago - I have read the same story you have for over 10 years now…


Actually, azureblue you are half right, feedback can be avoided by well-fitting ear molds, however, different brands manage feedback differently. Some handle feedback better than others. Widex hearing aids need a very good fit to ensure no feedback. In fact, all hearing aids need a good fit. Widex are seen as one of the weakest when it comes to feedback suppression, I think it is more that they are the most honest.The second thing is why shouldn’t the Audiologist charge for an audiogram? Terost, I am amazed that your hearing became better by nearly 20dB, do you have a conductive hearing loss?


This may be beside the point, but why are you charged $75 for a copy of your audiogram? My audiologist prints three copies, one to file, a second sent to my GP and a third for me to put in my files. No charge! It seems to me that the information is yours, not the sole property of the audiologist or anyone else but you.