New Hearing Loss Cure (LT)

During my long term study of hearing loss over the past two decades, I have discovered a highly effective treatment to sensorineural (nerve) hearing loss, using an alternative medical treatment that has been tried and tested for hundreds of years (although only recently have we discovered the effectiveness in hearing loss cures and prevention).

Leeches were once used by most mainstream medical doctors, but have fallen out of favor in recent years thanks to powerful lobby groups and the drug industry. However, these remarkable creatures can provide tremendous help for people suffering with a hearing loss.

A leech is attached to the ear, right around the lobule at the bottom of the pinna (although patients under 30 often favor the tragus). The leech has a powerful and natural anesthetic in their mouth that not only makes the treatment painless, but as this chemical enters the blood stream it flows into the cochlea (hearing organ) that contain some of the smallest blood vessels in the human body. This natural substance relaxes the stereocilia (hair cells) of the inner ear, and also makes the basilar membrane more flexible. This makes the inner ear more supple seemingly shaving years off the effective age of the cochlea. Damaged hair cells, that cause hearing loss can be reinvigorated, actually restoring lost hearing.

The second function of the leech is they ingest blood and remove impurities such as ototoxic chemicals, Phaetons, impurities, bad vibes, and other agents in the blood that can prematurely age the cochlea.

This promising new treatment is considered by many to be vastly superior to bee venom therapy (BVT), since for one thing it doesn’t hurt, and performing the treatment doesn’t actually kill the creature. In fact it nourishes the creature in a traditional tried and tested symbiotic relationship. New break through research has shown that humming a tune during the leech therapy causes the leech to release pleasure hormones that have found to be very effective in the treatment of tinnitus. It is believed that the harmonics of music cause a change in leech brain chemistry often associated with the mating process. Since leeches like to mate in a quiet place, their sex pheromones have a soothing quality on acoustic nerve tissue, which explains why tinnitus is soothed by this technique.

Now of course modern western medicine will probably pour scorn on such therapy, as they would rather sell you expensive drugs and hearing aids. They will often use scare tactics like claiming there is no ‘scientific evidence’ to suggest that leech treatment will promote good hearing, however, if The Secret has taught us anything it is that if you want something hard enough and push those positive desires into the universe, the universe will eventually provide for you.

Right now I am offering leeches for $75 each or $125 for a binaural set (plus shipping and handling). If properly looked after, they should provide you with years of trouble free leeching. You should start to notice improvements in your hearing almost immediately, and if not, feel free to give up and admit that you are a failure at any time.

I’m sure some people will wonder what prompted me to write this piece. First off, I mean no disrespect to anyone, and clearly there is no truth to any of the above article. But I do want people to think long and hard about some of these ridiculous ‘cures’ or therapy people peddle for hearing loss and other health issues. Because generally if you dig deep enough you will eventually find a con man who is just looking to part you with your money. Some of these charlatans are doing it deliberately as a straight up con, and others have perhaps genuinely convinced themselves that something they noticed in a non-scientific and biased way has in fact caused something to happen. Or in other words a subjective misunderstanding of cause and effect. So not all people that push these ideas are bad people, some are just misguided. Whatever the reason, just be careful what you believe, or before you know it you’ll be wearing a balance band and letting insects sting you in the vain hope that it will cure you of frustrating and difficult health issues.

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Holy smoke! I thought, poor ZCT’s finally gone off the deep end!

This is quite the eye opener and, while you clearly make your point, I would not be surprised if you receive a few orders. After all, someone just recently posted on this site that we should all discard our aids and listen to Mozart!

Glad to see you’re OK!

After someone posted about Mozart and stinging yourself with bees, I couldn’t help myself :wink:

It’s a little ironic, but I’m sure that there will be tinnitus sufferers out there who will do better by listening to the bees. Quite how you’d go about stinging yourself with Mozart is anybody’s guess though…

Try standing immediately behind someone sitting down while playing his stuff on their violin I guess…

LOL!! Oh my gosh this was so funny. :smiley:

I too had thought ZCT had lost his mind. The Mozart person made me crack up. Yup, listening to Mozart is the new cure-all for hearing loss.

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Gee. I was under the impression that the only proven cure was lots of sex. Ed :stuck_out_tongue:

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Just spewed my iced tea all over my computer. Too funny. This would be a great classic posted in every audiology clinic.

Those leeches would have been so less expensive than the HA’s.

ZCT, I get your message and appreciate it.

My wife has a friend, a quite inteligent woman, who maintains that jaw clenching and grinding (bruxism) is caused by parasites. She further maintains that the medical community does not want to make this known. I am reluctant to argue with this person, as I would not want to end a long friendship. Now I may be wrong, and if someone out there can refer me to a journal or peer reviewed article that supports the contention, I would be happy for the reference. Really, this idea that the medical community is a vast cabal that tries to quash valuable information is as pertinent as the 50 mile per gallon carbuerator that the auto and oil industries kept from the public.

Well, that was certainly a day brightener!