New hearing aids, what is this sound I hear?

I’m trying some Bernafon RITE aids and hearing a Shhhh or sizzle sound whenever I’m in the car. It’s driving me crazy. It is a moderately high pitched sound which I hear in other environmental settings where there is machine noise too but the car is the worst. It’s there in every program I have. It reminds me a little of frying bacon. Any ideas on whether this is the aid or an adjustment problem?
I’d like some ideas to take to my hearing aid fitter.

Thank you.

Right Left
250 10 10
500 10 10
1000 65 60
2000 60 50
4000 45 35
8000 55 35

sounds like you have t-coils and they are picking up the sounds of the engine. I know that my aids will do that if I have them in the t-coil mode.

Do you only hear it when the car is running?

If you go near power lines in T-Coil mode, you will also hear the electromagnetic field produced by them. You can tell for sure you are in T-Coil mode if you do that test…

OP said that she hears the noise in all programs, which seems a little strange. Unless her car is actually making a noise that she didn’t hear before. :slight_smile:

This may be unrelated, but I’ve had issues in that my hearing aids was sounding like static noises in some of my programs, but when I opened and closed (rebooted) my battery compartment, I fixed the problem. I believe it was simply a poor connection between the battery and contacts (or static electricity causing havoc)

The Bernafon do not have T-coils, go back and have an adjustment.

If water or crumbling paper is also too loud have the High frequencies turned down just a bit.

Which model of Bernafon do you have? I am wearing Bernafon Verite and love every minute I have them on, it takes a while to get accustomed to the new sounds in your environment, be patient and don’t be afraid to ask questions…

Good luck…


I’m wearing the Bernafon Verite aids. I think you may have nailed it. I’ll ask if I can get the high frequencies turned down a bit and see if that solves the problem. I feel like everything is a little bit too sharp which may relate to the high frequencies also. Thank you for your help and thanks to everyone else also.

Since you wear these aids, I would like to ask another question. I noticed today when I was at my eye doctor’s office that it was a very difficult to understand speech. My doctor’a office is in an old house with hardwood floors and the rooms are all pretty empty. Everything sounds very hollow in that setting and voices just seem to disappear in that sort of space. Do you know what might help when you are in a hard empty space like that? I see your loss is very different from mine but you still might know what I’m talking about.

Thanks again, Shirley

It takes awhile to regain the ability to thoroughly understand speech again, your brain will take some time to adjust, as for echo-y rooms, yes that can be an issue, you may want to try and turn down the volume a bit or use the quite program if you have that programmed.

So the Bernafon Verite aids do not have telecoil as an option? That makes me feel better about not trying them. I chose the RITE over the Mini RITE because I really need the telecoil (even though the Mini RITEs are so cute).