New Hearing Aids - Online source or Audiologist?

Hi folks. Looking for some thoughts & opinions here. I’ve decided to go for the new Phonak Paradise aids. The price difference between buying them from my audiologist and an online source is pretty substantial. The support from the online source is for a year where the bump in price from the audiologist is basically paying for 3 years of service from her. The warranty from Phonak is the same from both sources. Being that I self program, I’m having a hard time justifying the cost difference.
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If I’m understanding correctly, you’re an experienced hearing aid user and you self program with additional hardware and Target software? If that is correct, go for it. If these were your first aids and you think you want to self program, I would say go with full service.

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Although I am not a big fan of self programming (I have seen some real disasters), you may want to see if you can pay only for a Speech Mapping (Real Ear) test to verify you have done an acceptable job. My guess would be a couple of hundred dollars for the Speech Mapping test. The trick will be finding someone who will do it on new internet purchased instruments. My standard reply when people say they are happy with their self programming results is: “How much happier would you be if it were really done right?”

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Thanks for your thoughts gorgeguy. As a registered provider as well as having seen some disasters I can see why you feel the way you do. Luckily my audiologist is very flexible and works with me to avoid disasters.

I bought my marvels 70r online from tru hearing. Saved about 1400.00 .They set you up with a local provider. 3 free visits. I’ve had mine around a year and a half. After the free visits are up, She only charges 35.00 per visit. I’ve only had to pay for one for a recent adjustment, she said if they still need further adjustment, she would not charge for the next visit.

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Thanks for the info Wyatt.

You are welcome. Good luck in your search.

My opinion only, but the audiologist is providing a valuable service and if she/he is doing a good job they do not deserve to be nickle and dimed. Would you try such a thing with your heart surgeon?

Lots of sleeze out there but if the online place is legit, like ZipHearing is, then do it.
you will always need a few adjustments in the beginning but if follow-up is covered for a year that should do it. If your hearing loss is pretty stable you shouldn’t need a lot more. Agree that audiologist provides a good service but big difference between nickles & dimes and thousands of dollars.

Not nickel and diming at all. I will still see my audiologist. If she was depending on HA sales for her living I would definitely think harder about my decision. She works for out HMO so she’s paid a salary. Talking to her about this and given that she trusts my abilities to self program she sees no reason why I shouldn’t buy online. Thanks for sharing your opinion.