New Hearing Aids for 2021?

Anyone on the board have info the share on possible new hearing aids for 2021? I’m talking aids that work for mid range hearing loss to severe/profound. I believe the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) is scheduled Jan. 11-14, 2021 and is going to be all digital. Then the American Academy of Audiology is scheduled for April 14-16, 2021, all virtual. Certainly both these events are better served with big crowds, but that’s not going to happen in 2021. Just wonder if 2021 if we will see new aids hitting market or if there could be delays?

Oticon are making an announcement on November 30th. Look out for it. It could be big news.

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Phonak and resound released their latest flagships in August 2020, so I wouldn’t expect new flagship / platform before 2022 from them (only new forms, eg CIC versions and maybe UP from phonak in paradise line).

Oticon announced something soon, if it is really a new product (and not just another form of the previously released one), then I wouldn’t expect new one until 2022 either.

If I find correctly, starkey released livio edge ai in February 2020.

Signia seems to have released their latest platform in September 2019, so they might have something for end 2021.

Widex evoke seems to be from February 2019, so we might see widex next.

I don’t think there’s someone else who does technology breakthroughs?

Your timeline for various aid brands I think is accurate. Cycle seems to go about two years before a (so called) new aid comes out. I have to wonder if the FDA (intentional) delay of OTC hearing aids is a good thing or bad thing for production of new hearing aids. Maybe not a factor. With Coronavirus still around in 2021 - mask wearing I think you’ll see less visits to audiologists and flat hearing aid sales. Even with baby boomers hitting their peak golden years with many needing new hearing aids.

Widex released the Moment just last may so I doubt they will have anything major coming in 2021.