New hearing aids come with warranty card?

Does a warranty card or ID card come with every hearing aid purchased? I asked my Audi that question and she wasn’t sure regarding a new aid I might try. I guess if no warranty car or ID card then you just track (what ever hearing aid) you have by serial number.

I can’t say for sure and your audi certainly should be able to call the manufacturer and get an answer for you. I don’t know isn’t acceptable. But a lot of times now you can register your aids online with the manufacturer using the aid serial numbers and the warranty automatically kicks in. You should also be able to find out exactly what the warranty covers. Don’t be afraid to contact the manufacturer yourself. But the I don’t know response from your audi I find disconcerting.

I get my aids from the VA and I have always gotten warranty cards.

My wife received warranty paperwork with her Costco KS9 aids.

When Phonak aids are connected to their software you can check warranty status easily.

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Yes I’ve always gotten a warranty card too but who knows now. Times are changing.