New Hearing Aid Review Videos: Any Requests?

Hey all!

My name is Ben Thompson, and I’m a Doctor of Audiology based out of Berkeley, CA. Some of you may know me from my work with Pure Tinnitus, but I wanted to share a new initiative I’m working on!

I’ve recently started up a hearing aid product review website with Lee Weissman, AuD (another Doctor of Audiology in the San Francisco Bay Area). We’re reviewing traditional medical-model hearing aids like the Phonak Paradise and Oticon More, but also interested in reviewing direct to consumer hearing aids as well. I recently reviewed the latest Audicus models, the Lexie Lumen, and MD Hearing Aid Core. Check out all my video reviews here.

The main reason I wanted to drop in here was to find out what products you all would most like to see reviewed? Are there any products that you haven’t seen reviewed yet, that you want more information on? I’m here to help, and really excited to deliver something of value!

Thank you!

Link to the HearWeb YouTube Channel:

Link to HearWeb website:


Welcome to the Forum, DrBen.

Please do a review of Oticon More1/2/3.


I’d love to see something on Resound One with microphone in receiver.
Also Starkey’s Table Mic vs Phonak Roger Select and/or Table Mic


Me, too. I’m a teacher, and I think a table mic would help me hear the kids’ voices, especially through their masks!

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Please add the Oticon EduMic to the list of mics …

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Hi Ben,

It would be interesting if you could review any CIC hearing aids that were powerful enough to cover a severe/profound loss. Tough ask, I know.

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Just FYI: Here’s a comparison of several microphones. Disclaimer: I think the research was done or sponsored by Phonak. What are the best hearing aid microphones for children? | Hearing Like Me

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Thank you for the request! The More is on our list. So far we haven’t differentiated between the premium/mid/entry level of devices.

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Here is our video review of ReSound One:

Great suggestion, thank you.

On our list, thank you.

A comparison between Starkey and Phonak table mics would be very interesting.

Signia Motion X power/super power aids…also 60+ hours recharge…

Having already got Widex, I’d like a review of the Moments as well to see if they are suitable for serious leaks like mine. Thank you

Would love a review of Widex Moment RIC rechargeables :slight_smile:

How about Oticon manufactured Costco exclusive Philip’s Hearlink 9030 RIC. I looked at the Philip’s fitter software HearSuite and as you might guess it’s very close to Oticon Genie2

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Here is our review video:

Here you go:

Are you also testing cochlear implants?
I would love to review Nucleus 7 VS Kanso 2