New Hearing Aid for Grandma


Hi All,

My 95 year old Grandma recently lost her hearing aid over last weekend, I searched her whole apartment endlessly and could not find it anywhere. Her aide is looking as well, but still no luck. She had one hearing aid in her left ear, a very old and outdated model.

My mom called her hearing doctor today, and she recommended that she actually did a full pair, instead of just one. Apparently my Grandma always turned down a pair based solely on cost. I will be covering the cost.

Her hearing doctor recommended the Signia Charge and Go 5NX model for $3,600, and said it will be a significant improvement for her.

Does anyone know anything about this model? Any feedback? I’ll be researching tonight on my own, but would love some personal feedback. How is the price? Are there any better places to buy then buying it from the doctor?

It seems her warranty for a loss replacement ended in 8/18.

Your help is very much appreciated, thank you.



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Her audiogram would help the members help you.
Costco is highly recommended if one is close to you.
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I also highly recommended Costco if one is close.



I would recommend the Costco Kirkland Signature if you have one a reasonable drive away. The KS8 is essentially the same as the Rexton Emerald or Signia 7Nx. It sells for $1600 US a pair. It does include insurance for a loss of one pair.



Thank you all for the great replies. I live in South Florida, so there’s lots of Costco stores here all over. I don’t have a membership (they don’t seem too expensive to get), but maybe I could get one, or use a friend’s membership. Can you buy online?

For the Costco brand, would I be able to use my Grandmother’s hearing doctor that she’s been going to for many years, or would I need to use the Costco hearing center?

Does anyone have experience with the Signia model I mentioned? I will ask her doctor for the audiogram today if possible.



I’m a big fan of Costco, but if your Mom has been going to this audiologist for years (and she likes her) I’d be somewhat hesitant to change. She’s recommending a rechargeable hearing aid, meaning your Grandma won’t have to deal with changing batteries, which I’m guessing is a bit challenging for her at 95. To get rechargeable hearing aids at Costco, the cost would be in the $2500-$3000 range, so you wouldn’t save a great deal of money. And to answer your question, if you want to buy from Costco, you’d need to use them for service. Either way is fine though–Costco can do a good job and the provider you have can too. Your call.

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The membership at Costco is a very minor cost compared to the cost of HA’s. I don’t believe that Costco does HA’s on line as they have to be fitted. There is a little information on line at this link.

You could certainly continue to go to the same hearing doctor, but based on the system used by the Costco I bought from, they will insist on doing their own hearing test, and base the fitting on their testing. It is possible that her current hearing doctor will have the software to use with the Costco HA’s. The after sale fitting of the HA’s at Costco is included in the purchase price.

I am using Costco Kirkland Signature 8.0 hearing aids that are very similar to the Signia Charge and Go 5Nx model you asked about. But the KS8 models are not rechargeable. The KS8 model is also the higher feature model similar to the 7Nx. It has a few more bells and whistles compared to the 5Nx. Here is a feature document that you can compare the 7Nx to the mid range 5Nx and lower featured 3Nx. The KS8 model also does not have the tinnitus masking feature.

Rechargeable batteries have their pros and cons. On the con side you have the hassle of looking after the charger, and potentially having to get the batteries replaced down the road if they stop holding a charge. The pro is that you do not have change batteries every 6 days or so. I guess you would know how your grandmother is handling the battery changing.

I believe Costco also has the Rexton Adore Li rechargeable which is probably very similar to the 5Nx you are looking at. In the US they may sell for about $2300 a pair or so? Rexton and Signia are just different brand names on essentially the same product line. I would suggest that if rechargeable is not necessary then the Kirkland Signature is the much better value.



At 95, if she has never worn two aids, having the second one would probably be a waste of time, effort, and money.

When a person wears monaural amplification, the brain switches it’s dependence on sound input to the aided ear, allowing the other ear to degrade faster and to a higher level.

If they test her, and her word discrimination on the unaided ear is below 50%, don’t buy an aid for that ear. Just go back to what grandma is used to.

Good luck.

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My thoughts are a bit different on this. The hearing doctor involved is recommending two hearing aids, so there must not be an obvious issue with doing it. It seems like only one was used in the past due to cost, so most likely the HA was fitted to the ear with the poorer hearing. Since it seems like that HA is very old, it is most likely that the “good” ear has deteriorated now too.

My personal experience with having one “good ear” and one “not so good” is that I get more benefit out of the HA in the good ear because it is more correctable. I originally thought I only needed a HA in my poorer left ear. Now if I had to only use one HA I would use the one in my right ear.



It would be very helpful if you could post grandma’s audiogram.



Update: My mom ended up taking my Grandma to her audiologist, and they went with the 5NX model. My Grandma is not happy with the new type of hearing aid (she had a simple small bud before that went into her ear).

I believe she had a regular Signia in-the-ear model (very old model), it looks like “B” in this photo:

The price is $3,600, and there’s a 30 day refund period. She’s not happy with the behind the ear style, and she actually prefers the regular battery kind (non rechargeable) and she’s also refusing to use the Bluetooth via the iPhone, as she’s used to her regular cordless phone. While this seems like a great model, it seems like over the top for her needs.

Assuming she has moderate to severe hearing loss, does Costco have any models that are in-the-ear, and affordable? We have Costco’s everywhere around here. Does she need a membership, or can I simply use a friend’s membership and take their card for this use?

Let me know if anyone knows a model/price from Costco. Thank you very much. I’ve only seen a lot of the Kirkland model mentioned. Any links to resources with updated prices will be very appreciated too!




Costco has ITE (in the ear) models by Rexton, Resound and Phonak. Not sure about Phillips.
Pretty sure she would need a membership. Cost for the hearing aids is in the range of $2600-$2800 a pair. Assuming you’re in the US, she’d have 180 days to make up her mind and could still get refund.



My suggestion would be to get the KS8 model at Costco for $1600. It would be less than half the price of the 5Nx model she got, and they are essentially the Signia 7Nx model – the premium level. However, since she does not like the 5Nx, she may not like the KS8 (7Nx) either. The KS8 uses regular replaceable batteries, so she should like that part.

The usual problem with ITE type is that gain can be limited without getting into feedback issues. With her old ITE model, they most likely dealt with that by limiting gain (and also limiting performance).

What specifically does she not like about the RIC style of the 5Nx besides the rechargeable battery?



Thanks for the insight. I’ve seen the KS8 seems to be the most recommended model. I still find it so odd that it’s less than half the price, and since I’m actually the one paying, this is incredibly significant for me.

I honestly think she is pushing away from the 5NX as she knows how expensive it is, and doesn’t want me spending that kind of money on her hearing.

I guess she’s a creature of habit like us most, and the charging element throws her off, and she wasn’t used to doing that. She’s used to ITE and found it easier, and had issues with the RIC style for getting it stay in. Is the KS8 easy to put on and stay in?

Are there any $1,600 ITE types at Costco? Is there a reason why those are even more expensive? The audiologist is now recommending the Signia Insio 5NX (ITE), although it’s the same exact price.

Can we trust the specialists at Costco? I read they can be hit or miss. Since I’m surrounded by locations, any way to know if one is better than the other? The reviews of the store locations all seem to be the in same range. The one closest to her house is only 3-4 months old, which seems like a positive.

Thanks for your help!



I think most of us find RIC aids like the KS8 easy to put on and stay in but I’d guess they feel pretty different from ITEs if you’ve been wearing them for years. My Mom got hearing aids for the first time when she was 89 and got RICs. She occassionally has troubles getting them in, but generally does pretty well. She’s now 91.
I don’t know of any lower cost ITEs from Costco. The KS8 doesn’t come in that style to the best of my knowledge. All their other aids are more expensive, regardless of style. There may be an extra cost for the ITE for making the custom shell for the device.
I think Costco is generally good, but clearly there’s variety. If you posted what city you’re in, perhaps forum members could give a recommendation. Good luck! Keep us posted.



I have not spent a lot of time looking at the other hearing aids at Costco, because the KS8 is such a good value compared to the others. My quick review was that the KS8 is probably their best hearing aid, but if you want one with a brand name on it, you can get them, but will pay more. In the US you have more brands and styles to choose from, compared to Canada. Here is link. I see they have in the ear style, but I am pretty sure you will pay more.

Costco USA Hearing Aids

The popular choice for an ear fitting for the KS8 is called a click sleeve. They tend to fit better than a dome, and they come in 4 different sizes, so there are choices for a good fit. That said I suspect the 5Nx used these as well.


Your best bet in finding a good Costco is to visit the ones close and try to talk to the fitters (not the receptionists). They are managed to a high standard and use the REM testing for fitting. However, personalities can vary, and you want someone that can and will work with an older person. Most can, as that is their typical clientele. Meeting face to face is the best way to evaluate…



Hi All,

An update, my Grandma was recommended the Signia Charge and Go 5NX model and she did not like them, at all due to them being much larger than her original model.

She then switched (recommended by Audiologist) to the Signia INX5 which is still much different than she was used to as it’s very difficult for her to fit into her ears herself. She wants to now return this pair.

Does anyone know a pair that would be ideal for her? She used to have these (but only used one, as she wanted to save, but now I’m paying and getting both):
Signia Siemens IPX3 (from reading the text)

Thank you, you all are so appreciated.

We are thinking of leaving her Audiologist (it’s been many years), and start fresh at Costco. Both mentioned pairs (the first two) were $3,600.



My recommendation at Costco would still be the KS8’s for $1600 a pair.



Thanks, Sierra. Those are the ones I originally had my eyes on. Do you think she would have any better dealing with putting them in, if she had issues with the Signia Charge and Go 5NX model the same style? She’s used to a very small one.