New Hearing Aid Dryer

I’ve been wearing hearing aids for about 9 years. During that time I’ve struggled with finding the easiest way to address moisture problems. The Dry n Store is too expensive and I’m tired of baking and microwaving the beads in the jar. I even melted one of the plastic jars once. What a mess!

I found this new product called Ever-Dry. And I’ve been using it for a while.

It’s great and I don’t have to buy replacement desiccant.

Check it out at

Let me know what you think.


Welcome to the forum, sir spamalot! lol

Sorry if it looks like spam. I’m new to the forum.

I really would like some help picking a good dryer for my hearing aids. I have Phonak MicroSavia and have been wearing those for about 4 years. They aren’t the latest technology, but I want them to last as long as possible.

Well actions speak louder then words. Your first post was to promote a product, not a good way to start. Plus the product you promote is nothing more then the beads in a jar, except that you don’t have to manually put the jar in the microwave, it does it automatically, and who knows how well. The product is $60 a little cheaper but the track record for the dry and store and the recommendations for it by people on this forum still seem to make it the superior purchase. But it’s your aids and your money.

Agree. I’ll stick with my Dry and Store.

What I do:

  1. Go to local drug store, pharmacy (open door and enter, during the times they are opened will help)
  2. Ask the Pharmacist for those silica packets. They have tons of them and will keep them for you if you want (at least mine will, your mileage may vary)
  3. Take said packets and put in the case your HA came in
  4. Store your HA
  5. Tomorrow morning they are dry and the “stuff” easily brushes off

(at some point you did come back from the pharmacy I assume)

How do you brush off the crap that gets in the aids. Spend thousands of dollars buying the aids then look to cut corners taking care of them. It doesn’t make any sense to me.

I have a home version Jodi-Vac hearing aid vacuum that I got from Costco online for the really tough wax cleanup jobs.

So that link the OP posted shows a price of ~$60. The smaller Dry & Store Zephyr is only $70-$80 depending on where you buy it. The bricks are something like $30-$40 for a year. So the savings is like $30-$50 for a whole year for this product?

Okay I understand that some lucky few had their HA paid for by insurance, but these are $3-$6,000 instruments. Relatively speaking, $50 aint a lot…

I took a car vacuum, handheld. Took a Pen and took out the ink cartridge and cap. Found a small rubber tip, cut a small hole in it.

Put the brush attachment on the vacuum.

Inserted the pen into the brush.

Turned on vacuum.

tested by picking up a business card. That Worked! Picked up a Penny. That Worked! Picked up a Nickel. That Worked. Picked up a Quarter. That did not work.

So, I felt safe the suction to pic up a nickel was OK.

Cleaned out HA with my hand-made (free) vacuum. Used this method for two weeks, cleaning them about 4 times during that 2 week period.

Had appointment with Aud. She looked closely at the HA and found them as clean as she could get them.

I therefore declare my DIY vacuum a success!

I can post pictures if anyone wants to see by invention.

Let me know

I’ve had a Dry and Store Professional for the last 8 years, and just recently got a Dry and Store Global II. I like the redesign of the Global II vs. the Global, with the UV light now in the base versus in the lid before.

The Global II is much smaller than the Professional, taking up less space sitting where I have it. The only downside is that the lid is a little hard to open once it’s “latched” into the closed operating position.

I would like to see some of your pictures!


Ikoiko, you are a very patient man.