New hearing aid comparison pages are up


Dr Cliff did a great job on this video for Hearing Tracker on comparing hearing aids. We’ve also revised our pages for comparing hearing aids to be in line with our latest design patterns.


Agree it was well done. Somewhat surprised that frequency lowering wasn’t mentioned. From this, my take would be that method of frequency lowering doesn’t matter since it’s a trademrked feature, but I don’t think I buy that.


Frequency lowering is hard to compare across products… He’s saying these are some of the things you can think about before even trying a product to narrow your search… I think for frequency lowering you probably need to test drive the product to see if it works. However, I agree that the presence or absence of frequency lowering is a consideration that might belong in the list.


Independent research on frequency lowering is still a bit weak, when it comes to comparing different approaches. Last I saw, a small amount of research was showing that compression was still better than transposition/translation, but all approaches have modernized since then.