New Hearing Aid Buying Experience

I recently purchased my first set of hearing aids, Beltone Edge 2. I decided on Beltone after thorough research and in ear demonstrations. Here are a few notes regarding my search and subsequent selection of Beltone Edge 2.

My hearing loss is moderate to severe high frequency.

  1. The original Audiologist (Oticon Dealer #1) recommened Oticon Delta 8000’s ($6k) 6000’s ($4.8k) or 4000’s ($3.8k).

Rejected due to price and being out of insurance network.

  1. Audibel Franchisee #1. He recommended Audibel Fusion Virtue 12’s @ $3.9k (in network price), $5.6k street price.

Rejected due to requirement that I pay 100% upfront to place the order since as he stated he was in the midst of a cashflow problem.

  1. Oticon Delta dealer #2 recommended Delta 6000’s @ $5.6k.

Rejected due to her extremely poor customer service, her practice was out of network and total payment was required before I would be fitted with the HAs.

  1. Audibel Franchisee #2 recommended Fusion Virtue 12 OTE @ $4K prepaid.

Rejected due to error prone and in experienced fitter.

  1. Hearing Planet recommended a number of HAs but I was not comfortable doing business by internet and phone (they would arrange for me to go to a real office but it was an hour travel time from my home)

  2. Oticon dealer #3 recommended Epoch’s @ $6.4k.

Rejected due to overselling. Obvious financial trouble ilustrated by recent move from a his permanent office into a vacant old insurance office and his constant rambling about funding problems with his bank. Required two weeks to place the order and required 50% down. And he was out of network.

  1. After extensive evaluation and question & answer session Beltone recommended their Edge 2 OTE. Beltone was the only provider that did not try to oversell me. They were located in a professional arts building with a dedicated staff including an insurance clerk. Their professionalism and expertise was second to none. When asked to compare their technology to Oticon and Audibel a full documented disclosure was made. I received a full explanation of their relationship with their owner Resound. Pricing was outstanding with an in-network price of $3.8k (I paid a mere $800 out of pocket with Beltone filing for the remainder from my insurer. Along with the HAs I receive lifetime care. The Edge 2’s are working great!

In closing I highly recommend BelTone.

800 out of pocket is not bad
for an ideantical copy of the pulse.
I personally like it red, it looks simply cool

Body Science

Copy gives the impression of reverse engineering. I personally think twin of the Pulse might be a more platable description since Beltone is owned by GN ReSound.

true it is not a copy, it is just the same instrument with slight diferent
software… Beltone had always lower prices than resound.
So you are really get more for your money…

A similar thing happends with bernafon and oticon… siemens and rexton… etc

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