New HA's for profound/severe low-frequency reverse slope/cookie bite?

I have a pretty significant low frequency reverse slope/reverse cookie bite loss that is progressive (BOR Syndrome with LVAS and Mondini). My old Phonak hearing aids are about 8 or 9 years old and are held together with tape! It’s time to replace them.

I’m considering either the Oticon Agils or the Phonak Naidas. Any opinions on either of these for my situation? Here’s my audiogram:

<b> 250   500   1000   2000  4000   6000   8000</b>

R 105 90 70 85 70 60 45
L 85 75 65 55 65 70 70


I am sorry I don’t have any advice for you as I don’t have the knowledge that many on this site do. I just wanted to wish you luck and thank you for making me giggle with your ‘tape’ comment. It is so funny what we go thru to keep our aids going. I myself have used crazy glue . . lol. My hubby, who doesn’t have a hearing loss, thought I was being lazy and irresponsible. He just doesn’t get it . . we do what we have to do to keep them going . . . whatever works!

THe Nadia’s have a moisture proof feature. If you sweat this may help. I don’t think the Agil’s go. Hey - Try them both and figure out which one is BEST for YOU… I presume you use full molds so feedback shouldn’t be an issue.

Good luck… I hear lots of good things about both…

wait 4 chili it will b out in 4 weeks

I’ve been trialing the Naida V UPs and the IX UPs and have decided to keep the IXs. I didn’t think the Agils gave me enough headroom for future loss. I heard about the Chili’s after I started my trials and decided that I didn’t want to wait that long to see if they were a good fit for me.
Between the Naidas and the Agils, I’d say try the Naidas as they have more room for loss. Of course, it’s good to try as many as you need to to find the right fit.

Interesting. I didn’t know Oticon was about to introduce a new product (Chili). Am I right in thinking that the Chili will more directly compete with the Naida than the Agil?

There seems to be a lack of info about comparing hearing aids. Anyone know were to find the release dates of various models or what models fit into which class of devices?

Also, I’ve worn Phonak aids all my life and my brain is used to the sound. I really struggle when I have to wear loaners of another brand. Of course, these old phonaks are pretty old. Maybe the new ones won’t process sound similarly because the technology has changed. Or does a Phonak always sound like a phonak more or less? I know they say your brain can adjust to the processing differences of different models, but so far, mine can’t. Even after weeks with a loaner, I cannot adjust.


I’ve seen “consumer guides”, but can’t find the links right now.
HLAA has a book you can order
Also on HLAA’s forum site you can find links to sites that list the HAs (including their release dates). Again, wish I could find the sites for you (I don’t have access to HLAA’s forum here at work :()