New HA user - Widex Evoke F2 220

I am a newbie to hearing aids and I have the Widex Evoke F2 220s. I have mild hearing loss and am still in the trial period. I have seen posts here from others that have the 440s. As others have stated , these have excellent clarity. Would like to know if anyone else here has the 220s. What are your thoughts? Just wondering if I should go with the 330s or 440s or just stay with what I have. I’ve been happy with these so far and my audi said if these do what I need then there is no need to upgrade. Thanks!

Hey fishinglori
Here is a comparison of the Evoke Fusion 2 levels. I noticed 3 reviews for the 220’s on this site as well.

You are likely getting a reduction of approximately 33% off from what I just paid on the 440’s, great value especially since they suit your ears.
You also have a period of time to return/exchange them for a full refund even after you purchase them if you are still not satisfied (ask your Audi).
I tested 4 HA companies over 3 months and not one came close to Widex Evoke F2 440 for my mild hearing loss.

Good Luck


I also have the 220 great sound quality and technology! Only issue is I wear glasses and my outer ear lobe hurts!