New HA User - Signia NX vs Oticon


I am a new HA user and currently on my first pair, have had them for 1 week so far. Hubby got a Signia NX and it drastically helped with his hearing as he had a bigger loss overall than I do. I now have these same hearing aids and not sure I like them. My R ear is moderate loss and my L ear is significantly worse, especially at lower sound levels.

I am thinking the Signia NX isn’t providing me with the sound quality that I would like. How long should I try these? I am thinking the Oticon might be the way to go and would like to know if I should looking into those…or something else???

Also, should we pay for these now or wait until toward the end of the 30-day trial period?

Thanks a bunch…



You should post your audiogram on your profile so we have an idea of what your loss is like. I know you described it but an audiogram is more accurate.

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As was suggested it would be helpful to fill in your audiogram data.

I use the Costco Kirkland Signature 8.0 hearing aids. They are essentially identical to the Signia Pure 312 7Nx hearing aids. Which Nx model do you have?

I am finding that my less severe loss right ear is just fine, but I have some issues with the more severe loss left ear. If you click the S icon you can see my loss, and that of others that have entered their data.

My current theory is that I am experiencing feedback in my left ear. Both ears are using the vented click sleeves. At my next appointment I am going to ask about going to closed click sleeves which hopefully will provide more feedback isolation.

On different models, I think that the various brands of premium hearing aids are quite similar, and getting the hearing aids fitted properly to suit you is more important than the brand. What specific issues are you having with the hearing aids? What type of fitting sleeves or domes are you using? That would also be helpful to know.

If you are hesitant to jump in, and are near a Costco, you may want to give them a try. Their trial and return policy is pretty good. The KS8’s go for about $1600 a pair, so there may be some cost advantages too, if you are paying out of pocket for them…



I will post my audiogram later when hubby can scan it in. We have the Signia Pure 7NX. My husband’s hearing loss is pretty consistent in both his ears and he’s at a severe level of loss. My loss is pretty bad in my L ear but moderate in the R ear. My L ear’s 'gram goes down pretty quickly and limited on range.

I’m not sure just yet how to describe what I’m hearing vs not hearing. It just seems like I’m in a barrel at times and other times it seems I can hear better without the HAs. Perhaps this is just part of learning to adjust to using them, don’t know.

We had ear molds made so no domes or anything like that. I have a longer ‘tail’ on mine that wraps around the inner part of my outer ear…I have had trap shooting molds made and my R side felt like it’d come out so he made mine a little more secure which I appreciated. So the ear mold portion goes in our ears, then there’s a tail (short or long) that goes into the outer ear area and then a tube that goes up to the control behind our ear. Not sure what you mean by ‘sleeve’ though.

We are not members of Costco and not quite sure where there is one nearby. There might be one in the St Louis metro area but that’s a good hour away.

We have gone to a place called Hearing Aid Center, officially our town name then Illinois Hearing Aid Center. We went to a number of places to get our hearing checked initially to see where we wanted to buy and how well they performed their hearing tests. The first one (I liked quite a bit) did a great job of our hearing tests (free btw) in a very nice sealed room and he spoke words to us vs having to push a button for different tones and such. Another place was a booth that was not well sealed at all, you just sat in a chair which from the waist up was a foam enclosed ‘box’. We really did not like this guy at all! Then we went to the Hearing Aid Center and they had a decently sealed room box but it was just push a button for different tones and such. We did go with this guy…basically because he was straight forward with us and told us (my husband specifically since we had a worse problem than I) that he wouldn’t like them, that he needed to wear them 100% all the time (except baths and sleeping of course), etc. But he also told my husband to go to the VA as they had really good hearing aids and that’s what he did. Once hubby got his, then I was willing to go get a pair a couple months later.

Our health insurance pays up to $1,000 per ear and we also have a health savings account (HSA) as well.



PS–I do have narrow ear canals per the hearing aid guy and that’s something we already knew.



If you go to the main site and sign in using your same e-mail and password you should get to a place where you can manually enter the hearing loss values in the hearing tracker. No need to scan it. Once you enter it, the little mushroom icon will be added indicating you have added the audiogram data.

The convenience of Costco certainly starts to drop when you have to drive a long way. They seem to have all the equipment and do a job job of fitting. On of the steps of doing a hearing aid fitting properly is to measure right in your ear canal what the hearing aids produce for volume. It is called a real ear measurement (REM). The kind I had sounds like a bunch of people all talking at the same time in different languages. The idea is to measure what the HA produces in your specific ear, and then it should be adjusted to produce the target values. Some HA fitter skip the REM.



Like this;
How to Add Audiogram to Forum User Profile

hahaha @Sierra the mushroom is an optical illusion. If you look at it long enough it may turn into a set of earphones. It looks like a palm tree to me :wink:



Everything is adjustable and each person may need different adjustments. I normally feel that soft sounds are too low and ask for those to be turned up. It is also not unusual for the pro to bring you along slowly and not turn them up to target right away. I would advise talking to your pro about your issues.

Also, Costco sells, as their Kirkland 8.0, the Signia NX 7, for $1599 a pair, 3 year warranty and loss/damage, and all visits included.