New HA user, OPN2 Aids


I’m new to hearing aids and I didn’t know what to expect. I spent a lot of time reading post on this hearing forum prior to getting the aids and my impression was there would be a number of tweaks before the aids worked as desired. So, I was not expecting much on the initial fitting.

The Audi said she wanted to keep it simple and set the gain at 40% of my prescription, made a few sound byte adjustments and I sent me on my way. The first thing I noticed was I could definitely hear better, lots of low level background sounds get amplified. When I was waiting in the front office to settle up there were five or six people talking along with general office noise it seemed like I was a bat, I could hear everything!

On the way home we stopped in a supermarket to get a few things and a cup of coffee. The tables are at the front of the store next to the cash registers and it was very noisy, however, the sound seemed natural, just louder. I could hear sounds coming from all directions and I had no trouble separating voice from all the background noise. Also, I could tell which direction the sounds were coming from!

The real test for the aids was the road noise test and if I could clearly hear my wife while riding in the car at highway speed. I could hear her just fine through the road noise!

These aids are comfortable, allowing natural bidirectional sounds and I now can hear my wife talking to me from another room of the house. The aids are great even if set at 40% of the target level. I’m not sure I would like the amplification increased from the present setting, all is good the way they are!


I have new OPN1s, I am not new to aids so my Audi set my aids to the way they are needed, and I have never been able to hear this good with hearing aids before


Glad it’s going well. Sounds like your audi used good judgement. Give it some time, you’ll likely be wanting more amplification.