New HA -- Trialing PHONAK Marvel -- Lack of Confidence with Audiologist


Hello, I am a new HA user. I have moderate to severe hearing loss. Not sure when my hearin got so bad, but, Im told I may have waited too long to address this issue.

I have several questions/problems and so far am totally unsatisfied with my hearing aids. I am not sure if it is related to PHONAK, or if it is due to my Audiologists.

She is very nice, but several comments and issues have caused me to question her familiarity with these hearing aids.

My daughter is moderate to severe deaf since birth. She has worn hearing aids since 4 years old, and loves them. Recently she bought OTICON opn1 and loves them more. She loves the bluetooth connection. she loves being able to manually select programs when she isnt hearing well at certain times/places/events.

  1. She told me I have insurance coverage for a program called TRU-HEAR. But she said those hearing aids are JUNK. garbage trash. She told me she only reccomends and services PHONAK as they are the best.

  2. She said there are only 2 HA available that are bluetooth. Meaning they stream from smartphones and / or stream from TV. Other HA that have BT only use the phone for remote functions like adjusting volume or seeing battery level. (but no streaming)

This seems un-believable. Can any1 verify that? ONLY 2 ha THAT STREAM MUSIC / SOUND FROM CELL PHONE/TV? (oticon opn & PHONAK Marvel

  1. Audiologist told me I can not manually select programs. She said the AUTOSENSE 3.0 does everything. Thats why PHONAK is so much better. I DONT HAVE TO OVER-RIDE the program selected for me. This doesnt make sense. I can not see any PROGRAMS in the REMOTE APP. just the phone, and if the TV is on, then it will show TV CONNECTOR. BUT normally it shows AUTOSENSE 3.0. NO programs are listed.

4.I have been in different enviroments but the HA sound quality sucked. I was in a lobby, and the voices were ECHOING BADLY… but there wasnt anything I could do.

  1. I was in another office and could hear someone typing on a computer next to the person I was talking with but, could not hear the person 3 ft in front of me…

Basically, several different environments were worst then not wearing HA. tHE AUDIOLOGIST made adjustments. but it sounds like she is just making things louder. And the quality of that sound is getting tinnier and sounds like listening to a radio with a 2" speaker. an old AM radio that grandpa listed to baseball games. No bass, no rich / full sounds…

Music sounds worst with hearing aids…

Im so frustrated. I have brought my HA with me to the last two audiologist visits, prepared to return them. But she told me to give her another chance.

Currently, I will not take any excuse next time.

they are going back to her…

I was hoping to go to a different audiologist, but once I told them I was trialing a pair already, they didnt want anything to do with me. They told me they dont want to interfere with current treatment. and They didnt know what specification the first audiologist ordered for me.

I just hoped he could confirm the questions I asked above and to verify the programs and the settings.

there is only 1 REM audiologist in my area. I will return my hearing aids this week and make an appt to see this new audiologist.

anyways. I would love to hear from others and hopefully at least get the answer to the question about other HA and hopefully they can stream also.


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It sounds like you are going in the right direction. Getting a REM test will for sure help.
Posting your audiogram will help the members help you.



I can’t speak to your hearing aids, but to the fact with your hearing loss and you being a new hearing aid user, you are hearing sounds you haven’t heard in more than likely a long time. It takes time for your brain to get use to the sounds it hasn’t heard in so long. It took me close to 6 months to get use to all the different sounds.



Phonak marvels do have manual programs. They have to be downloaded by the audiologist. I have marvel 70rs and have several manual programs. Found I don’t need them, but they are there if I do .The auto sense works good for me. You need to find someone who knows what they are doing.



Yes, from experience with different Audis , they don’t like to provide extra programs to new hearing aid users. They want them to get use to the idea of wearing hearing aids. And normally they do a step process to work a new user up to full prescription.

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Could you please explain or provide a link for me to learn how to post my audiogram? thanks

from what I can tell, I graph that is like a ski jump. plateu at 30 (low ends) and drops off significantly at mid - high range. dropping down to 100.

word distinction/differentiation is around 60% in one ear and 75% in the other.

My daughter is deaf, but my audiogram seems ‘worst’ then hers. Apparently I have adapted to using lip reading/context inference/body language…

one of the issues I am having now with hearing aids is hearing people speaking the S or SH sounds.

I hear SHHH a lot. when watching TV / video and they speak the S or SH I will hear the SHHHH sound, but, worst. I see their faces/mouths look different too.

looks like they have chewing tobacco under their lower lips. or a mouthful of marbles… It is very odd to see things, that are purely audio related



thank you for the reply. I totally understand that. My concern is the expense. That expense now turns into a GAMBLE. a risk… I am risking money I can’t afford to risk. I had to truly give up life for a year and will have to give up life for another year, to be able to afford these hearing aids. ($5800)

I dont gamble. I don’t LOTTO. Not for $20. No less big bucks.

I would be willing to keep trying on a TRIAL BASIS for how ever long they allow, but can not accept the risk after that point.

so, I am in that situation.

on the other side. I am very interested in trying some of the bluetooth hearing / audio buds they sell at Best Buy or other places. They are advertised as ASSISTIVE LISTENING devices… They are costly too. (compared to regular bluetooth audio / ear buds) $600+

if I return the PHONAK, I would like to TRY some of the other options… The big point I see is the battery life…/ recharge cycle on those over the counter devices.

thanks again for the info.

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that seems to be the direction I am compelled to go towards… I can’t talk at any level that a doctor will listen to on those topics.

the down side is losing out on having a different audiologist look at and see what has been tried, so as to not waste their time.

If it is a PHONAK issue, and the next audiologist wants to try PHONAK, then it will be a waste of two pair of brand new hearing aids that will have to be refurbished or somehow made to be sold or used by another person…

I see all the free trial things and all I can see is COST that the manufacturers have to incur and pass onto the consumer…

thank you for the info and advice. It is tryuly appreciated.




I can accept that too, but my audi is telling me there isnt a manual over-ride or way to select specific programs. And since I brought it up while talking about being in a situation where the autosense wasnt working, I would think that would be the perfect time to INTRO a new user to that ‘feature’.

thanks for the input… it does make sense



Honestly if bluntly lied to you about not being able to have manual programs. I would be finding someone else. It would have been okay if he explained that he wanted you to get use to the basics first. But sounds like you were lied to.



Assuming you understood the audiologist correctly: 1)Phonaks are fine hearing aids, but there are several other brands that are equal in quality. 2) There are multiple hearing aids that use bluetooth. Actually all the major brands do. 3)And as already discussed, yes you should be able to manually select programs. Since it sounds like money is a significant issue, have you considered Costco? Prices for a pair range from $1600 to about $2800 in the US. If in the US, you have up to 180 days to decide if they’ll work for you. If they don’t, you can get a full refund. Not the free trial you’d like, but it really takes more than a few weeks to figure out if hearing aids are going to work for you.



not sure on the true hearing insurance discount information - I bought mine thru them, blue cross is my insurance thru the federal government. - I choose whatever hearing aids I wanted ( Quattro 9’s ). They paid part of the bill and gave me a discount. Had a chosen a lower level my share of the bill would have been much less. True hearing vendors sell a range of different levels, for me the lower level would have been free or very low cost. My out of pocket for the resound Quattro 9’s thru true hearing was 2k. Double check exactly what your insurance benefit is, and call true hearing yourself. The Phonak marvel was also available thru True Hearing. Hearing Aid Catalog | TruHearing Hearing Aids



Here’s how to Enter Your Audiogram:


Once you are in your Profile then find links to:
Enter your audiogram , or Update My Hearing Test

There are two ways to enter your audiogram. Graphically you can mouse drag the X’s and O’s around or switch to Manual Entry to just type in the numbers.

This is a copy and paste from PVC. One of our guru’s.



MDB gave you great advice about Costco. It’s a great way to save some money if you are anywhere near a Costco. They are known to do good fittings.
CVKemp gave good advice about how it takes time for you to learn and deal with all the new sounds from your new hearing aids. It is truly overwhelming at first. If you can get a good audiologist that you are confident in, trust that fitter. Wear your aids and give your brain time to learn. It is a gamble.
And last, this forum will help you.



As an example, the Widex Evoke F2 streams direct to iPhone. The other Evoke models use an intermediary device, com dex to stream, and the tonelink app to change programmes/volume (no intermediary device required). You can choose which programmes you would like ie comfort/party etc. The F2 allows you to select the different sound classes and adapt them to your preference & then save this. The main universal programme automatically changes sound class when needed but you always have the option to over ride this with all the evoke models, either with the f2 direct app or using the tonelink app. So there are lots of choices out there, perhaps your dispenser only has limited brands.



Out of top 6, only 2 have direct streaming capability from Bluetooth. Phonak Marvel and Resound Quattro. Rest of the aids also work on Bluetooth but most of them can be paired only with IPhone for Bluetooth streaming. Rest of them require some kind of intermediate device.



Resound is supposed to get direct streaming to Android, but as of yet doesn’t have it. Everybody but Phonak uses Made for iPhone and require an intermediate device for Android streaming. Resound’s been using Made for iPhone the longest but people seem to report occassional glitches with all of them.



The only glitches I have had with iPhone 7 Plus and iPad Air 2 has been after updates to either the iOS or the aids. The easiest way to fix has been to forget and repair the aids to the iPhone and iPad.



hello. I am not the type of person to think people lie to me. (yes, old, and trusting). I think SHE just doesnt know. Im guessing she is on the MATURE side of the hill, so maybe these digital hearing aids are new to her?

For this price, I would rather not be TEACHING someone. I want someone who knows for sure. (yes, I know doctors PRACTICE medicine.



i guess I am not understanding… free trial… you mean you get hearing aids. dont pay for them, and they trust you will bring them back, or come back and pay at a later time?

the place I went to told me, $5800 and I can wear / use them for 6 weeks… get several visits/adjustments…