New from unitron - fuse

This is FUSE™

It’s the shape-shifting new crossover hearing instrument that puts everything you love about open fit BTEs – a fully loaded, instant solution – out of sight and completely inside the ear. Fuse™ brings together all the most desired attributes and performance features of two hearing instrument categories into a completely new crossover category.

Interesting… I went to their site, but there is no literature or photos. Did you find anything?

Found this picture of the FUSE:

Hey yes i did find the photographs go to the site again.

The Fuse from Unitron is an outrageously cool idea. It should have been done years ago! It is basically an Instant-fit, Open-ear CIC (completely-in-canal) hearing aid.

So you get the Open-ear fitting (no “plugged up” sensation) without some big BTE hanging on your ear like most Open Ear fittings. And it comes with a remote control so you can set the aid for Normal, Noisy or Telephone…and also turn it up or down without trying to find some tiny button or wheel inside your ear. The controls are right in your hand.

Some people have asked, “How can an ITE (in-the-ear) be one size fits all?” It’s because the aid comes with different size tips (right off their Moda Open Ear) and…and this is the real genius part…it FLEXES is the middle, to accommodate different ear canal angles!

Somebody really thought this through!

PS No, I do not work for Unitron (never have) but I know a great idea when I see one! Because of the Fuse, I am going to see if I can buy stock in Unitron. I am that impressed!

Wow, interesting… not sure how well this will work… also hard to see how big the device is from the pic. This may be one of those things that fit a niche market who do not do well with OTE/RITE hearing aids. I just don’t see how this could be non-occluding b/c by the looks of the faceplate, looks like it fully occludes the superficial region of the ear canal.

I like where their heads are at.

There is a good description and picture of the Unitron Fuse at:

I am scheduled to get an impression for a CIC next Tuesday, Nov. 10. I am wondering now if I should get this one. I welcome any comments.

}we shall see what happends.
Im glad to see Unitron is no longer cheaper phonak

I’ll be trying a pair of Unitron Fuse in the next couple of weeks and post back on this thread my impressions.

Thanks for this very helpful link. It brings up a very informative site that offers several very helpful downloads.

I have one question that I hope someone can help me with. One of the downloads from the Unitron site shows that the Fuse has only 40db of gain. Since my loss exceeds that at the higher frequencies, I almost dismissed the Fuse as a viable option for me, but I think I remember reading in one of the posts somewhere in these Forums that the db of gain can be less than the the db of loss.

Could someone offer me an opinion as to whether 40db of gain would be enough to meet my needs and maybe have enough reserve to cover whatever increase in loss I might expect to have in the next few years. I’ll be 76 next week.

you might be able to pull that off.