New forum members: audiograms

To forum admin. I’m wondering if there’s a way to encourage new members to post their audiogram, perhaps with a direct link to the audiorgram posting system upon signup and having the link show up on their page unless they enter the audiogram or dismiss the link.


One problem is that How to Enter your Audiogram is unclear! When you search for instructions about how to enter your audiogram, the search results are likely to point to old obsolete links that no longer work. I don’t know about you, but I can’t find useful instructions from a forum search.

Here’s some instructions that do work. But it wasn’t easy to find;

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Every time I try to admen my audiogram following the way you describe, it gives me a pop up window, saying I don’t have an account. When I try to log in it sends me back to forum. Follow the link again and again it tells me I don’t have an account. I’ve given up!

I don’t understand why the audiogram part can’t be part of this forum rather then having another website that is linked to this forum. Makes it extremely difficult.


HMm; Are you sure we are talking about the same instructions? Those printed below which has a link to My Hearing Tests?

I always get this when I click on your link. I sign in and it takes me back to forum. Click back on the link and it takes me back to the picture and tells me I need to sign in. I have no idea why it’s doing this. I’ve uploaded my audiogram before so I shouldn’t have this issue.

Do you see some options scrolling down further? Maybe try forgot your password. Also did you originally get confirmation instructions. Did you maybe change an email address along the way?

But my password is correct as it takes me back to the forum. I’ve uploaded my audiogram before and it’s worked before so I can’t work out why it’s not working now. I’ve given up trying!

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I’ve run into the same issue as @Zebras

Unless and until the instructions and process are fixed and cleaned up this will be an issue.

I figured out how to enter and amend an audiogram but got very frustrated, and I’m a techy user. I can imagine the frustration level of the average forum user.

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So glad it’s just not me!

The whole system with it, just annoys me.


Yikes, that makes the proper instructions even worse. The link “” same-as My Hearing Test works for me when I am logged-in first.

When I log in, it literally takes me back to the forum. It seems to be getting confused. I used to have an account as I left a review for my very old hearing aids. It won’t even let me look at my account as it just redirects me back to the forum.

Can’t work out why it has to be so complicated!

And when you click on your avatar do you get the blue line Hearing Tracker Profile? Can you click on it? Does it take you to the sign in again and comes back to the forum?

Just tried, it takes me back to forum BUT doesn’t make me sign in.

Still can’t look at my account tho.

Can you open another browser and go to:
Then click on the guy in the upper right and see what happens when you try to log in.

I can log in with this one but doesn’t give me any options but the shop and forum buttons / options.

Can’t see a Hearing Test option.

You don’t have this?:

Ooo I can see this only. Am I in the right area?

Would it make a difference that I’m in the UK?

It might be different on a computer / laptop but I only have an iPad and iPhone.

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Doubt it. I’m in Canada.
So now that you’re logged in try this:

That actually works! FINALLY!

Think links need to be sorted?!

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And this one rather than new: