New forum format


This is what I get.


Isn’t that a past problem? Didn’t this get fixed? Did the admin go back to a prior version of the forum or undo a patch or something?


Per my original post…landscape mode does not work for Samsung Galaxy S6 or tablet.


AHa, I realized that you can also paste (Ctrl-v) screen clippings directly from the Windows Snipping Tool into your posts, like this;

In case you are TRYNA figure out how the elusive Snipping Tool itself was captured (because it’s like a chicken-before-the-egg thing); I used the Print Screen keyboard Key which puts your entire screen into the Scratch Pad, then pasted it into Paint, and then Snipped a clipping from there.


That is kewl, I love workarounds like that. Good thinking PVC!


Ctrl-C-V-X harken to an earlier day. Now you can just drag and drop.


Since we have a few old timer’s here. I’ve got an off topic question.
I’m looking for the keyboard alt code for a couple of symbols.
That would be a small c and a small s with the bar over top.

The c for the latin word cum meaning with
The s for latin sans, meaning without.


Here is a googled list:

If those are the two you use infrequently, you can cut/paste from the list.

Font set used can change the ones above 128-decimal.


This is the reference for all the Latin characters.
It’s called a macron.

Ok. After much fiddling I got it figured. Type the letter you want to have a macron then immediately after and without a space after your letter type ̄ .
c̄ s̄

This is a web form capability (like this reply box). It may not work elsewhere.


U da man @z10user2 !


Thank you for your comment. As a new poster, the initial information suggested that forum comments would be routed to the moderator, but it was posted on the general forum. It has drawn a few responses, at least one that suggested I go elsewhere, even stating I said it was the worst forum ever! That was not said, of course, but I did critique the issue of establishing a profile. Having enrolled in numerous forums, I do know that once a person is perceived in a certain manner, it is difficult to change. I will possibly lurk, but I will not post further, though I do wish one particular responder was not quite so sanctimonious.

New Person

Now you’ve managed to post in a different older “New forum…” thread. Hmm. Maybe this should be moved over to the thread you made.


Without further clarification, I think most readers would assume your direct reply to z10user2 was in reference to online forums, not anything you mentioned in a previous post. But I guess you can always claim that anything you say always applies just to the first post you made, nothing else. I guess if one’s writing is murky, any reinterpretation is possible later, like reading tea leaves.