New forum format


I too find this new format very clunky and hard to use. Like many here, I am a member of a range of forums that are often similar in appearance, less attempt to be graphical than this, but all far more intuitive.

There is way to much space and graphics consuming what little space is available, such that seeing context is difficult.
Clearly designated sub-forums would be an improvment too.

So a big negative from me, definitely a retrograde step from before.


Are you viewing the forum from a hand held device? @SilenceIsGolden I’m curious to understand why some don’t like this format.


No, I’m viewing on a Windows PC. Google News has recently gone to this format too, where large amounts of white space have now taken over at the expense of the news stories that were there, losing quick readability and all the alternative news sources.
If I were viewing perhaps on a 20"+ screen, then maybe it all makes sense, but like many these days, I use a 15.6" laptop.
If there were some method of condensing the content and getting rid of all that white space it might improve what really was the best HA forum on the internet, but I doubt that is possible. Sometimes things that are working well should just be left alone until such time the users either complain or abandon it, which is probably what I’m going to do.


OIC now, I’m using a 25" screen so I have a lot of real estate.


I use a Chromebook with 11.6" screen and it’s quite doable. I think it’s like hearing aids. Takes getting used to.


I use W10 on a laptop with a 17" screen. I have no problem. I use Firefox and the window itself is not full width. I quite like the little pull down bar to the right of the list of posts in a thread. But one could just scroll down anyway. At the main forum page I see the two columns of category and then the latest posts (which I really like).
On my now antique Blackberry 10 OS device using the default included browser there’s a selectable link to go between categories and latest posts. I have no problem with that either. I can do the pull down bar as well.
Perhaps it all comes down to evolving and changing web site styles that come and go. Maybe this is the “au currant” :slight_smile: style.
So I don’t know…to each their own. Remember though…this is a whole 'nother web site from “before”. I’m quite impressed on how they were able to transfer all the data from one forum software to another.


I’m viewing the forum from Safari on my iPhone right now and I feel right at home with the format. Sure I don’t see as much as with a bigger screen but I mostly just look at latest threads and posts and don’t do searches or categories views as much so for basic browsing for new posts is very adequate for me.


Don’t know whether it’s been mentioned before but I can’t see people’s audiogram properly on my iPhone. Can this be resolved?


So I tried it on my now antique Blackberry OS10 device and couldn’t see your audiogram. Then I wondered what your background picture was and looked at your profile on my computer. Then I realized oh you don’t have an audiogram!
So I looked at the above post from Volusiano and my Blackberry was able to see the audiogram fine. Apple strikes again. :slight_smile:
I wonder if maybe your browser has a zoom and that maybe you’re zoomed in or something. Edit: No. I tried it on my wifes iphone and it doesn’t show the whole audiogram. I’m not sure of any other internal options. I looked around a little.


No haven’t zoomed in and when I try and look at it landscape wise, it’s still like the above picture.


This is landscape.


Well…you got a little more to the right :slight_smile:
It really seems like a zoom feature somehow but I don’t know where that is in Apple world. I’ve managed to avoid anything Apple since Apple became Apple for philosophical and monetary reasons.


This has been a particularly nasty bug for us to diagnose. We’re still working on it though!


I saw this on my iPhone 8 Plus, iOS 11.0.3. I haven’t tried on my iPad yet, but will when I get a chance.


While using a cell phone or tablet to read this forum only portrait mode works. Is it possible to change something so landscape mode will work as well?


Landscape works fine on my iPhone and iPad.


Not working for Samsung S6 or tablet


The audiogram display?


Some audiogram displays incorrectly on my iPhone but not all.


Both orientations work on my old BB OS10…plus audiogram. Is there a setting somewhere?